University Policy Committee

2017 meetings

DateTimeLocation Agenda item deadline (5pm)AgendaMinutes
Wed, 8 February
Council Meeting Room (T103) Mt Helen
Wed, 25 January PC1/17 Agenda & Papers; (pdf 6.2mb)PC1/17 Minutes (pdf,102kb)
Wed, 8 March 10.00am Council Meeting Room (T103) Mt Helen Wed 22, February PC2/17 Agenda & Papers (pdf.12.95MB)PC2/17 Minutes (pdf.95kb)
Wed, 3 May 10.00am Council Meeting Room (T103) Mt Helen Wed, 19 April PC3/17 Agenda & Papers (pdf. 1.94MB)PC3/17 Minutes (pdf.88.1KB)
Wed, 14 June 10.00am Council Meeting Room (T103) Mt Helen Wed, 31 May   
Wed, 26 July 10.00am Council Meeting Room (T103) Mt Helen Wed, 12 July   
Wed, 6 September 10.00am Council Meeting Room (T103) Mt Helen Wed, 23 August   
Wed, 4 October 10.00am Council Meeting Room (T103) Mt Helen Wed, 20 September   
Wed, 29 November 10.00am Council Meeting Room (T103) Mt Helen Wed, 15 November 


Policy DomainRepresentative
Corporate Governance Mr Adrian Tinetti (Chair), Director, Corporate Governance
Quality and Compliance Ms Rebecca Johnson, Manager Registration and Accreditation
Finance Mr Richard Harris - (Nominee)
Physical Facilities Mr Keith Caldwell, Director - Facilities Services
Mr Peter Trigg, Manager Space Management & Quality (proxy)
Human Resources Ms Kelley Jones - Human Resources (Nominee)
Research Ms Katie Donnelly, Project Coordinator - Research Strategy
Student Services and Administration Mr Jeremie Van Delft, Director, Student Connect
Information Management and Infrastructure Ms Angela Smith, Manager Business Partnerships & Service Governance - Information Technology and Business Solutions (Nominee)
Community Engagement and Development Ms Le-anne O'Brien, Manager, Public Relations
Learning and Quality Ms Claire Shaw, University Registrar
Learning and Teaching Ms Claire Rasmussen, Director, VET Practice
Chair - Academic Board Associate Professor Kim Dowling
Policy Systems Administrator Ms Lisanne Doyle, Learning and Quality
Policy Writer Ms Fiona Sunderland
Academic Secretariat Ms Lori Burns, Executive Officer

Past meetings

2016 meetings

PC01/16 Confirmed Minutes (pdf, kb)
March PC02/16 Confirmed Minutes (pdf, kb)
April PC03/16 Confirmed Minutes (pdf, kb)
June PC04/16 confirmed Minutes (pdf, kb)
July PC05/16 Confirmed Minutes (pdf)
AugustPC06/16 UnConfirmed Minutes (pdf219kb)
October PC07/16 Minutes (pdf,186kb)

2015 meetings

February Minutes 1/15 (pdf, 73kb)
March Minutes 2/15 (pdf, 82kb)
March Minutes CR2/15 (pdf, 91kb)
April Minutes 3/15 (pdf, 257kb)
June Minutes PC 4/15 (pdf 79kb)
July Minutes PC 5/15 (pdf 95kb)
September Minutes PC 6/15 (319kb)
October Minutes PC 7/15 (pdf 104kb)

2014 meetings

Ref NoMinutes
PC1/14 PC1/14 (pdf, 276kb)
PC2/14 PC2/14 (pdf.84.6kb)
PC3/14 PC3/14 (pdf.72.89kb)
PC4/14 PC4/14-1 (pdf.57.4kb)
PC4/14-2 (pdf.54.1kb)
PC5/14 PC5/14 (pdf.76kb)
PC6/14 PC6/14 (pdf,59kb)
PC7/14 PC7/14 (pdf,67kb)

2013 meetings

February Minutes 1/13 (pdf, 371kb)
March Minutes 2/13 Confirmed (pdf, 316kb)
May Minutes 3/13 Confirmed (pdf, 346kb)
June Minutes 4/13 Confirmed (pdf, 406kb)
July Minutes 5/13 Confirmed (pdf, 330kb)
September Minutes 6/13 Confirmed (pdf, 313kb)
October Minutes 7/13 (pdf, 222kb)
November Minutes 8/13 (pdf, 368kb)

2012 meetings

February Minutes 1/12 (pdf, 81kb)
May Minutes 2/12 (pdf, 427kb)
June Minutes 3/12 (pdf, 148kb)
August Minutes 4/12 (pdf, 208kb)
October Minutes 5/12 (pdf, 1.23mb)
November Minutes 6/12 (pdf, 432kb)

2011 meetings

February Minutes 1/11 (pdf, 39kb)
March Minutes 2/11 (pdf, 45kb)
August Minutes 5/11 (pdf, 55kb)

2010 meetings

November Minutes 5/10 (pdf, 42kb)
December Minutes 6/10 (pdf, 42kb)