Academic delegations

Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Authority to approve:

  • the annual academic calendar
  • annual reports on compliance with academic-related policies where prescribed
  • reports from working parties of the Board.
Academic Board
 Authority to approve non-standard academic calendar or amend the academic calendar.Vice-Chancellor
 Authority to approve curricula in articulation agreements.Higher Education Curriculum Committee
 Authority to sign articulation agreements.Vice-Chancellor
 Authority to approve policy associated with student and academic matters covered within the Federation University Australia, policy library.Academic Board

Authority to:

  • Approve a scholarship, bursary, grant or prize rules.
  • Decision to terminate scholarships, bursaries or prizes
  • Decisions on special cases.
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic
 Authority to approve recipients of the University Medal.Academic Board
 Authority to approve Schedule A and Schedule B in Academic Progression PolicyAcademic Board

Authority to determine compliance with:

  • course prerequisites
  • any special or inherent requirements (related to academic or professional suitability)
Higher Education Curriculum Committee


ResearchAuthority to introduce new research (HDR) subjects availability or to amend the attributes of an existing research subject.Academic Board

Authority to:

  • make an offer of admission into a HDR program,
  • approve the final outcome of a progress report or candidature milestone for a HDR program,
  • vary the candidature in relation to continuation, suspension or discontinuation for research and doctorate studies.
 Authority to determine whether a complaint, in relation to academic or resource matters for research masters and doctoral candidates, has legitimate grounds for appeal or is trivial, frivolous or vexatious and should be dismissed.Dean
 Authority to approve leave of absence to research students.Dean

Authority to:

  • Approve recognition of prior learning
  • Discontinue candidature in instances where a candidate's Primary Advisor becomes unable to supervise the candidate and no suitable replacement can be found.

Program Approval

Program viability, approval and professional accreditationAuthority to develop a new program.Higher Education Curriculum Committee
 Authority to deliver a new program.Academic Board
 Authority to approve significant amendments to existing programs.Higher Education Curriculum Committee

Authority to:

  • Approve the introduction of a new Major, Minor or Course
  • Approve the Significant Amendments to Majors, Minors, and Subjects
  • Approve Amendments to Courses and Majors
  • Approve the discontinuation of existing Courses, Majors, Minors and Subjects
  • Approve the Suspension of existing Courses, Majors and Minors.
Higher Education Curriculum Committee
 Authority to approve new availabilities and change availability (including "Not Offer") for Courses, Majors, Minors, and Subjects.Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic
 Authority to approve all course/discipline accreditation submissions, responses and action plans.Higher Education Curriculum Committee

Qualifications and graduations

Issuing certificates and graduations systemsAuthority to certify completion of all formal requirements for the awarding of a degree/diploma where a student has completed all requirements of the approved study plan.University Registrar
 Authority to approve PhD awards.Academic Board
 Authority to approve the bestowal of posthumous award, urgent circumstances and in accordance with the criteria specified Posthumous Award Procedure.Academic Board
 Authority to reissue a testamur based upon an administration error or one of the criteria specified in the procedure.Chair, Academic Board

Acceptance and enrolment

Pathways and credit

Authority to determine compliance with:special admission schemes and support affirmative action to address groups of students underrepresented in higher education, provide access to persons who have experienced educational or social disadvantage and to pursue strategic objectives.

Academic Board

Authority to:

  • approve limits of advanced standing or recognition of prior learning for individual cases,
  • grant advanced standing, including, in exceptional circumstances, the authority to approve advanced standing outside the limits defined by the Advanced Standing policy.
Academic Board
  Authority to waiver program prerequisites for individual students. Dean

Authority to:

  • waiver course prerequisites for individual students,
  • approve Advanced Standing,
  • course transfers
Enrolment and acceptance Authority to determine international qualification equivalence. Pro Vice-Chancellor International

Authority to approve that a student may be permitted to undertake more than the minimum number of credit points required to complete their degrees an extension to the maximum time taken to complete an Award.

Academic Board
 Authority to determine the number of commencing places available for each course in each intake period, year, teaching location, attendance mode and liability category.Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic
 Authority to determine each year the courses for which deferral is available.Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic
 Authority to make an offer of admission, vary admission and continuation for coursework studies.University Registrar
 Authority to approve miscellaneous or cross institution enrolment in a course.Dean
 Authority to uphold or dismiss an appeal made by a student who has submitted an appeal against the decision of the relevant Dean made under the provisions of enrolment requirements for International Student Visa-Holders Policy.University Appeals Committee
 Authority to cancel the enrolment of International student visa holders who does not follow the enrolment advice to meet progression requirements, or whose enrolment is required to be cancelled for failing to meet student visa conditions.Pro Vice-Chancellor International

Program delivery

Transition and orientationAuthority to approve that a student takes a reduced load, as a result of an intervention strategy Implemented to assist students who are not making satisfactory academic progress.Dean
 Authority to make a decision in relation to an application from an international student visa-holder to transfer to another educational institution.Pro Vice-Chancellor International

Authority to approve examination papers.

Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching

Authority to approve amendments to assessment items as specified in the Course Outline.

Higher Education Curriculum Committee
 Authority to approve in special circumstances, variations to a subject's assessment requirements as indicated in the Learning, Teaching & Assessment Policy.Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching
 Authority to ratify coursework course results.Dean
 Authority to authorise a second remark or deny the request (and if denied, provide the student with a written reply to explain why).Dean
 Authority to accept a late application for review of assessment.Dean
 Authority to approve items which may be brought into an examination room.University Registrar
 Authority to approve who may enter an examination room, in addition to the candidate and supervisor.University Registrar
 Authority to approve deferred exams on the basis of Academic criteria.Higher Education Curriculum Committee
 Authority to approve deferred exams on the basis of non-Academic criteria.Dean
 Authority to approve content of supplementary exams.Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching
Academic progressionAuthority to cancel the enrolment of an international coursework student who does not follow the enrolment advice of the Dean.Pro Vice-Chancellor International
 Authority to determine continued student enrolment in the course and any conditions to apply (suspension or other sanctions listed in the policy).Dean

Authority to:

  • Determine whether a student who has breached the minimum academic standards of the Academic Progression Policy will be suspended, excluded from the course or may continue enrolment in their course with conditions imposed,
  • Approve a third attempt at a failed subject.

Authority to:

  • approve the withdrawal of a subject without academic penalty due to special circumstances not related to the student's academic ability or diligence,
  • waive academic penalty after the final date for withdrawal without academic penalty,
  • approve or reject a student's enrolment and or/selection of subjects where the selection of subjects does not conform to the requirements of the award or where enrolment in a particular subject is restricted.
Academic Board
 Authority to approve leave of absence to undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students,Dean
Complaints and appealsAuthority to uphold or dismiss an appeal regarding academic progression in coursework programs.University Appeals Committee
 Authority to uphold or reject an appeal against a decision of a Dean made under the provisions of the Enrolment Requirements for International Student Visa-Holders Policy.Pro Vice-Chancellor International
 Authority to make a final determination whether to uphold, revoke and/or vary the suspension, restriction(s) and/or condition(s) of a student who is under review for suitability to continue in a program or course involving placement (this may take place at any time prior to the review being finalised by the Review Panel).Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic
 Authority to uphold or dismiss a student appeal.University Appeals Committee
 Authority to determine a penalty where general misconduct against a student is proved.Dean

Authority to:

  • suspend a student against whom misconduct has been proved,
  • exclude a student against whom misconduct has been proved, from enrolment in a particular subject and/or course(s) permanently..
 Authority to refer an allegation of misconduct against a student, to the police or other relevant external authority.Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students)
 Authority to suspend a student, or place restrictions or conditions on enrolment, if the circumstances of an alleged act of inappropriate conduct are deemed to be such that such action is necessary in order for the University to discharge its duty of care to its students, staff or placement agencies. 
 Authority to dismiss a student complaint, where it is determined that the complaint is frivolous, trivial or vexatious or without supporting evidence.Dean
 Authority to recommend actions to resolve a complaint.Pro Vice- Chancellor International