Standing resolutions

Resolution AB1/06/4

That on an annual basis:
The Board will elect the Chair of Academic Board to be a member of the University Council;

  • If the Deputy Chair is from the alternate Division the Board will elect the Deputy Chair to be a member of the University Council; and
  • In the event that the Deputy Chair is not from the alternate Division the Board will elect from its membership a person from the alternate Division to be a member of Council.

Resolution AB1/06/7

Academic Board delegated responsibility for filling Board membership positions on standing committees to the Chair and Deputy Chair.

Resolution AB4/06/10

Academic Board approved delegation of its responsibilities and powers in relation to research higher degrees candidature matters, to the Chair of Academic Board, provided that all decisions of the Chair are based on the approval of the Research Higher Degrees Sub-Committee and the Chair of Research Committee.

Resolution AB6/07/3

Academic Board approved that when Chairs of Board Standing Committees are not members of the Board they will be co-opted as members of the Board for meetings when those Standing Committees report to the Board.

Resolution AB4/08/18

Academic Board delegated (as a Standing Resolution) authority to the Chair of Academic Board to approve the lists of candidates who are entitled to graduate and to forward the list to Council for endorsement.

Resolution AB6/10/9

Academic Board approved the following delegated authority to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research):

  • approval of TD grade
  • extension of candidature
  • leave from studies
  • changes to supervisory team
  • extension of the term of candidature

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) approves all extension of scholarships. Where approval is not recommended, the case is to be referred to the next meeting of the Research and Higher Degrees Sub-Committee for further consideration.