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Create and update a scrolling banner

Title (Story 1)

Summary text goes here

Title (Story 2)

Summary text goes here

Title (Story 3)

Summary text goes here

Setting up a scrolling banner

Limit the number of scrolling items to three.

  1. To begin, you need to contact the Web Team via a Service Desk request so we can add the framework of the scrolling banner to your page. Please provide the below information when submitting your request:
    • The asset ID of the page you wish the scrolling banner to be placed on
    • 3 appropriately sized images - 356px (width) x 230px (height)
    • 3 'stories', each including a title, a brief summary, the URL or asset ID of where you would like the story to be linked to, and a reference to the image you would like each story to be associated with. (See above sample scrolling banner as an example.)
  2. Once we have added the framework of the scrolling banner to your page (see image below), you will be able to add and edit your banner items as you need.
  3. Don't forget to make sure your main page and the scrolling banner items (images, redirect assets, pages) are made live when you've finished setting them up.

Editing a banner item

After the framework of the scrolling banner has been set up you will be notified of the location of the assets that provide the content that appears in the scrolling banner. These pages/assets will be collated together in a series of folders.

Amend banner item image and content

  1. Upload your image in Edit+ to the scroller image folder and make live (see Creating an image asset for further instructions.)
    Please note: Image size must be 356px (width) x 230px (height)
  2. Go to the applicable scroller banner redirect asset in the scroller stories folder (i.e. Scroller Story 1) and switch it to Safe Edit status.
  3. Go to the Scroller - Detailed heading under the Metadata tab and select your newly uploaded image by clicking the Select button in the image field.
  4. Amend the title and summary fields as necessary.
  5. Save.
  6. Go to the Details tab and under the Redirect options heading, add either the asset ID or the URL of the page that you would like the banner item to be linked to.
  7. Save and change the status of the redirect asset to live.

Changing the order of banner items

Please go to our Changing the menu order guide for further instructions.

Please note: You will need to go to the folder asset where the scrolling banner story items are stored to change the order of the banner items.