Create an image asset

Upload image to website

Please make sure that any images used on the FedUni website are web suitable; if in doubt contact the Web Team.

Only gif, jpg, jpeg and png images are supported - .bmp images are not supported.

  1. Select the ‘New’ button
  2. Select ‘Files’ > ‘Image’
  3. In the ‘Create Image Wizard’:
    1. ‘Upload Image’: Select the ‘Browse…’ button and navigate to where your image is saved on your computer (eg. L: drive or desktop) and click ‘Open’.
    2. ‘Enter a name’: use something that will make it easy for you to find again later
    3. ‘Alt Text’: Remember, this needs to provide a visually impaired person the same experience as if they could see the image. However, if the image does not add information to the page for the user, click ‘Yes’ under ‘Decorative only?’ which means no ‘Alt text’ is then required.
    4. ‘Caption’: optional. Will not appear in normal image views. Mainly for galleries.
    5. ‘Show in Menu?’: change to ‘No’.
    6. ‘Create Locations’: Click the ‘Select New Location’ button. This is the page that your new page will appear under. Navigate in the ‘Asset Finder’ to the parent and click the ‘Select’ button.
      (Alternatively, if you have already navigated to the required location, you can click the ‘Select Current Asset’ button and click the ‘Create’ button)

      New Image Wizard interface
  4. Select the ‘Create’ button then the ‘Edit’ button. Go to the ‘Metadata’ screen and fill in:
    1. ‘Keywords’ – these are the words that the FedUni search and Google, etc use to find your pages, so include 4-7 relevant words or phrases.
    2. ‘Description’ – this is the blurb that will appear within a search engine such as Google, so make sure it makes sense and is relevant.
    3. ‘showinline’change to ‘No’.
  5. Select ‘Save’
  6. Go to the ‘Details’ screen and in the change status drop-down menu select:
    1. If you are an approver: ‘Approve’ then ‘Make Live’.
    2. If you are a publisher: ‘Apply for Approval’ to put into workflow.