CMS tips and troubleshooting

In this edition we discuss some new issues that have been identified through support requests which have been submitted via the Service Desk Portal. We provide solutions to some of the issues you may have experienced in your role as a web publisher, and give you helpful tips to improve your web content.

Access errors when editing pages

Some publishers have reported being presented with a "You do not have permission to access this asset" error message when trying to edit pages they know for certain they have access to.

However if you close the error pop-up box and continue as if the error never occurred, you should be able to complete your task. If you continue to have difficulties please submit a request via the Service Desk Portal.

Scrolling banners and accordion menus


All scrolling banners and accordion menus need to be set up initially by the Web Team. You can request the Web Team set up your scrolling banner or accordion menu via a Service Desk request. Please provide the below information when submitting your request:

Scrolling banner

  • The asset ID of the page you wish the scrolling banner to be placed
  • 3 appropriately sized images - 356px (width) x 230px (height)
  • 3 'stories' each including a title, and a reference to the image you would like each story to be associated with. (See the scrolling banner on the Current students page as an example.)

Accordion menu

  • The asset ID of the page you wish the accordion menu to be placed
  • A general overview of the structure of your accordion menu


Once your scrolling banner or accordion menu has been set up, you will be notified by the Web team of the location of the assets that provide the content that feeds in to the scrolling banner or accordion menu. It is at this stage that you will now be able to edit or add items to your scrolling banner or accordion menu.

Please see the web guides below for further details:

Using asset IDs instead of URLs when setting up web links

When creating web links on your pages to other areas of the FedUni website, it is best to use the asset ID of the page you are linking to rather than the URL address.

If you use the URL address to create your web link and the page you are linking to is moved, the URL address for the page will update to its new location and your link will become broken.

By using the asset ID you ensure that your link will always be able to find the page, regardless of where it is moved to.