What's new in Edit +

The recent upgrade to our web editor, Edit+, has brought some welcome changes. You will be pleased to know that the process for adding an image to a page has been improved and assets can now be cloned, making the creation of a new asset quicker. Some of the other changes are outlined below.

Major changes

Image upload

Rather than uploading an image before adding it to a page, you now have the option of uploading it directly from the page you are editing. Select the 'Upload image' option. Remember to make the image live after editing the page and check that it is not displaying in the menu.Ie, we don't want to see. for example, 'image19.jpg' showing in the menu.

Clone an asset

Make a copy of an existing asset by using the 'Clone Existing Asset' tool in the Asset Creation Wizard. Cloning creates a copy of the asset with a new asset ID. Everything will be copied, including the content of the asset. When cloning a new page replace the content and Keyword and Description metadata fields with text that is appropriate for the new asset.

Resize column width in Asset Finder

Hover over the line between the two columns. When you see the directional arrow click and drag it and this will change the width of the left-hand column.

Preview content on mobile device

The preview screen lets you see what your page looks like on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. A large portion of site visitors use a mobile device so having an understanding of how content will look on a variety of devices is helpful.

Minor changes

  • Updated modern interface
  • Refresh button available in asset finder
  • When saving, the position you are editing is retained so you don’t have to scroll back to where you were last editing
  • A reminder is displayed on the details screen if the metadata isn't filled out
  • An error message is provided if the file you are uploading is unsuccessful