New developments

Building the skills of our web publishing community is just one of the responsibilities of the Web Team. We also work on continuous improvement to the site in terms of usability, responsiveness, accessibility, and design. Contact us if you would like to discuss ideas or ask for help to improve your area's website. The following are just some of the improvements we have implemented lately.

Student life-cycle

Quality Services wanted a way to visually represent the journey a student takes with FedUni, and the external regulatory bodies and University operational areas that govern and support student activities during that time.

Using image mapping and coordinates, each area of the diagram was plotted to determine the 'hot spot' area. When an area of the diagram is selected, visitors will be directed to a list of policies and procedures that relate to that topic.

View the student life-cycle interactive diagram

P-Tech website

When FedUni announced it would launch an innovative P-Tech school within Federation College in 2016, a website was needed in order to promote this new initiative to the target audience.

Designed by an external agency and created in the FedUni CMS, the P-Tech website aims to attract young adults to study in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics areas. Displaying a different appearance to the corporate website the streamlined P-Tech website allows visitors to complete an online form to request an information pack or to register interest.

View the P-Tech website

Course search

The new online course search incorporates vastly improved search functionality, making it a much more user-friendly experience for prospective and current students together with staff. The ITS Web Team was responsible for creating the study area pages in the CMS in such a way that the content could be integrated seamlessly into the course search.

View online course search