CMS tips and troubleshooting

In this edition we introduce CMS tips and troubleshooting, a new article to address some of the issues and incidents which have been identified through the Service Desk Portal requests. We'll be providing solutions to some of these issues you may have experienced in your role as a web publisher, and give you helpful tips.

Page unable to be made live

If you have ever tried to make a page live and you only have the option to 'Archive' the page it may be because you have not added metadata to the page.

Go to the Metadata screen, and:

  • in the 'Keywords' field, add words that users would use in a search engine to find your information.
  • in the 'Description' field, type a sentence describing the page content. (This will display on a search results page.)
  • select 'Save'.

Go back to the Details screen, and select 'Approve and Make Live'.

Image not uploading

If you have ever tried to upload an image into the CMS and it disappears without warning it may be that you are trying to upload a file that is more than the permitted size of 5mb.

You must resize images in or Photoshop before uploading into the CMS. This process allows you to upload your file as it will meet the size requirements, and also ensures your page load times are kept to a minimum, as there will not be any large files slowing the page down. 

The standard image sizes for our corporate website are:

  • 290 x 210 pixels for a content image
  • 713 x 230 pixels for a banner image

View our Creating images with specific dimensions to learn how to resize images in