Cut out redundant phrases

We know people are busy and want to find information quickly when they visit a website. Get your point across quickly and your website visitor will be thankful. When writing for the web avoid needless repetition - redundant expressions that make writing longer, not better. If you express an idea in fewer words your writing has more punch and delivers your message more effectively.

The phrases below may serve a purpose in some instances. In most, however, the extra words just weigh down the writing.

Eliminate the repetition in each case by omitting the word or phrase that has been struck out.

Advance planning
On a daily basis
Basic fundamentals
Advance warning
Close proximity
Ask a question
Full to capacity
Collaborate together , joint collaboration
Positive improvement
Unexpected surprise
Past history
At the present time
Originally created
End result, Final outcome
Free gift
Commute back and forth
My personal opinion
Reverted back
Had done previously