Selections from the web

There is some great information on the web to help in your role as a web publisher. We provide links to some websites or articles which will connect you to best-practice standards, helpful tips and guidelines. If you come across some others please forward them on so we can share them with our web publishing community.

  • Create a better user experience by changing the way you write
    There are things you can do to improve the user's experience of your content and persuade them to keep reading.
  • A simple introduction to accessibility
    As web publishers we must remove barriers that contribute to a person with a disability or medical condition missing out on information our website.
  • A link is a promise
    Any broken promise, large or small, chips away at trust and credibility. The words in a link label make a strong suggestion about the page that is being linked to. The destination page should fulfil what the anchor text promises
  • FAQs: why we don't have them
    If you think FAQs help your site visitors, think again. The UK Government Digital Service outlines why FAQs don't exist on their site.