Selections from the web

There is some great information on the web to help in your role as a web publisher. We provide links to some websites or articles which will connect you to best-practice standards, helpful tips and guidelines. If you come across some others please forward them on so we can share them with our web publishing community.

  • How Google search works
    This animated and educational demo (best viewed on a computer, not a mobile device) illustrates what goes on behind the scenes to produce search results.
  • Writing good link text
    To help users quickly find what they need, link text should stand out from the body content and accurately describe the page that it refers to.
  • Check the readability of your content
    Someone needs to be to understand your writing clearly on a first reading. Try it out and see if you can make a few changes so your content is easily read by a wide audience.
  • Apostrophe rules
    Incorrectly using apostrophes can be confusing for you reader. This article provides rules for how to use (and not use) them.
  • Inaccessible website losing business: Coles online
    A blind woman has launched a claim of unlawful discrimination against Coles and its online website.
  • Video usability
    Video content is helpful only if users have control over it, understand what's contained within it, and have an alternate way to access it.