New developments

Building the skills of our web publishing community is just one of the responsibilities of the Web Team. We also work on continuous improvement to the site in terms of usability, responsiveness, accessibility and design. The following are just some of the improvements we have implemented lately.

 New Faculty website structure

Following extensive consultation with the four Faculties, their websites now have an improved menu structure.

The improvements include:

  • A consistent menu structure across all Faculties
  • More menu items at the Faculty level, helping visitors locate information quickly
  • Various areas of study promoted at a higher level.
  • Each Faculty home page has a space under the left hand menu which can be used to showcase some of the wonderful events and activities happening within that Faculty. eg, research projects, conferences, community engagement, etc

Future improvements will include displaying Faculty-specific news on each home page.

 New design for FedUni art galleries

The Post Office Gallery and Switchback Gallery websites have been improved following an extensive review, benchmarking and design process. The redesign displays larger exhibition images and a modern, clean asymmetrical style. Current, upcoming, past and annual exhibitions are also key features of the sites.

View Post Office Gallery website
View Switchback Gallery website

 Image galleries

Our website can now display a collection of images. A user can scroll through the images, or select a thumbnail in order to view a large version. If you would like an image gallery on your area of the website, please log a request via ServiceNow. You will be asked to supply high-quality images with descriptive text which will be used to support site visitors who may have a visual impairment.

View image gallery on Campus Life page

 Improved presentation of video content

To further enrich our website and engage with our users, videos can now be added in a different way, other than embedding them directly on the page. The Faculty of Education and Arts website now showcases great examples of our students and their experiences at FedUni using video content that opens in a new window.  Please log a request via ServiceNow so that we can set this up on your page to complement a marketing campaign or to engage your audience. The videos should be high-quality and have an accompanying text transcript.

View example of video on 'Community and human services' page

 Web editor (Edit+) upgrade

The latest upgrade to Edit+ has provided several new features which include:

  • Analytics tab to view statistics on visitors to the page including information like what device they were using, how long they stay on the page, etc
  • Symbols can now be added to pages correctly; these include Latin, mathematics and currency symbols
  • Forms can be created and edited - please contact us before creating a new form
  • Asset finder and the asset search each now has its own icon, allowing the use of filters when searching for an asset by number, title, etc
  • Refreshed and consistent look and feel