Uploading oversize images

Images can improve the visual appeal of our website but they also add to the download size of a page. As a result, standard image sizes should be used. Our image sizes have been carefully determined to ensure the website is responsive to mobile and tablet devices, and that there is consistency throughout the site.

Recommended sizes

Images should be resized to the appropriate dimensions before being brought into the content management system (CMS).
  • Banner images (top of the page): 713 x 230 pixels
  • Content area images: 290 x 210 pixels

Impacts of uploading oversize images

In the CMS there is the option to resize images, however, this should not be used. When a large image is uploaded and resized using Edit +, the image appears smaller on the page but the file size stays the same. As a result, when a user looks at your site, particularly on a mobile device or tablet, the page and/or image, may take a significant time to load and affects the usability of your site.

When an oversize image is uploaded, the CMS will now generate an email alert to the publisher (and the Web Team). This email provides information about how to resize the image so corrective measures can be taken.

How to resize images

Photoshop® and other photo editing tools can be used to resize, crop and compress images. View our tutorial on creating images with specific dimensions using the free program, Paint.NET.