New developments

Building the skills of our web publishing community is just one of the responsibilities of the Web Team. We also work on continuous improvement to the site in terms of usability, responsiveness, accessibility, and design. The following are just some of the improvements we have implemented lately.

Improved search for program information

program-searchA better experience is now available for those searching for program information on our website. Those typing in the 'Courses to study' search box will be presented with suggested search terms as they type, which speeds up data entry. From the search results, users can filter the entries based on a number of categories - eg, areas of study, location, course type. The next stages of development will include embedding program information into our website then presenting this in a more user-friendly way.

FedNews images


Our FedNews media releases now display an image with each item. Adding visual appeal, the image also appears on the web page displaying a list of current items, as well as the article.

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Improving quality assurance with Siteimprove


The quality of our website is steadily improving with the introduction of a quality assurance software which monitors our website. This software, called Siteimprove, provides regular reports to our web publishers, alerting them to broken links, spelling mistakes, incorrect terminology, accessibility issues and more.

Already this software has helped in correcting many broken links and identifying content that used old branding or terminology. In a phased approach, access to the software is being provided to site owners and content coordinators. To have access set up and/or to receive regular reports about your content area, please send us an email -

Rotating images promote sustainability


The Sustainability website now has eye-catching rotating images with accompanying text to promote some of our sustainability initiatives. When clicked on, both the link and the text redirect the user to more information about the topic. To improve usability the images and text are designed to scale down appropriately to accommodate users who may be viewing the page on a mobile device.

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Random item highlighted in list

The 'Research centres and networks' web page contains a list in an 'accordion-style' menu. A user clicking on the name of the centre will be presented with a short paragraph about it. Featured at the top of the page is one of the centres which includes an image. The featured item will changed each time the page is landed on.

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