Web publishing roles

FedUni has a distributed web publisher model where web content initiation, approval, publishing, review and archiving is managed by each faculty/centre/business area. This model is popular in large organisations where there is a large volume of web publishing activity. Rather than directing requests through a small central web team each business area has responsibility for their website.

Our web publishing community has a vital role to play in ensuring that we maintain a high-quality, relevant and useful website that is accessible to everyone.

We recently welcomed two groups of Gippsland staff to our community. This brings the number to around 150 web publishers.

Site owners

Usually a senior manager/director/dean, their position appears at the footer of the page, under 'Authorised by:' They may not be involved in the web publishing process but are ultimately responsible for the content on their website. They must ensure their area always has appropriately skilled staff to maintain their website.

Content coordinators

This person plays a major role in coordinating the web publishing activity in their area. They must ensure the content in their area is of a high quality, relevant and up-to-date. They publish content and may also approve content submitted by publishers in their area. If there are any issues or requests from their area, this person logs a job via the Service Desk.

Content publishers

Each area may have multiple publishers and they are responsible for creating, publishing, editing, reviewing and maintaining web content in their area. If they require assistance they should first consult with their content coordinator. If the content coordinator cannot assist they will log a job on behalf of their area.