New developments

Providing support to our web publishing community is just one of the responsibilities of the Web Team. We also work on continuous improvement to the site in terms of usability, responsive design, functionality, accessibility, design and quality assurance. The following are just some of the improvements we have implemented lately.

 Web editing with Edit+

The upgraded version of our web editor, installed during the transition to the FedUni website, allows web publishers to easily create, publish and maintain web content. It includes inline editing with context-sensitive menus to put the relevant tools in the hands of the user. Image and hyperlink management removes complexity for publishers who can also benefit from productivity tools such as keyboard shortcuts, undo and redo and 'search and replace'.

The user interface makes inserting and editing tables easier - with fine control over table cells, column, rows and containers. Edit+ ensures that all of the HTML produced is semantic and clean, with an automatic formatting cleaner for text that is pasted into the system from external sources.

Edit+ includes an integrated accessibility auditor to locate issues that require review and correction to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards. The auditor presents a list of issues relevant to WCAG 2.0 A, AA, or AAA standards, along with options to filter results by severity. The user can then access a report with more detailed information, which also provides access to the exact location of each detected issue, advice for how to correct it and even automatic correction of the content.

 Search for a word or asset ID in CMS

A welcome development for web publishers is the ability to locate a particular asset within the structure of the CMS by searching for a word or asset ID. Whenever you are using the asset finder the search box will be located in the top right hand corner. Enter the word or asset ID in the search box and you will be presented with a list of search results and their asset ID. Click on the asset ID link and the site structure will expand, highlighting the location of that asset.

Staff directory

A staff member's email address, position, campus and phone number can be found in the staff directory. A link to the staff directory can be found in the footer of each web page. The information is generated from authoritative data from Human Resources (HR) and Unified Communications (Lync and Outlook). Staff wanting to know about how to change the information displayed or the answers to other questions can view the staff directory FAQs.

View Federation University Australia staff directory

 New design for research centres

The websites for FedUni's research centres and networks are progressively being enhanced with a new look and feel. A customised design was created to differentiate them from other areas of the website, but maintain the FedUni branding.