How users find your content

Finding what you're looking for on a website can be hard sometimes especially when page titles or headings aren't clear and concise. This is why it is important that we think of how our users will find this content (not just how we would find it).

They may find this content using the site navigation, search engine, advertising, social media and more. What can we do to help make it easier to find?

Tips for making content findable


  • Use 2-5 words that summarise the content on the page
  • Avoid using words that don't need to be there 'Find out more about...' or 'Welcome to..'
  • Avoid using jargon or abbreviations that users may not be familiar with


  • Filling out the keywords and description fields for metadata can take time but if you've gone to the effort of creating the page content, take an extra moment to use keywords that users might use in searching for your content.
  • Also, the description field is what gets displayed in search engine results so this should be a clear summary of the contents on the page so users know why they are coming to your page.


  • Use appropriate headings that provide an outline of the content (as illustrated on this page) - this makes it easier to scan through for the user.
  • Use heading tags to create sections and sub-sections of content - for example, 'Tips for making content findable' is a h2 heading and 'Title', 'Metadata'...are h3 headings.