Corporate web team

We'd like to introduce you to the members of the Web Team. We are responsible for the administration of our corporate web presence. We have overarching responsibility for content and design standards, information architecture, usability and accessibility compliance, training and support of the web publishing community, access and permissions for the website and quality assurance.

Raylene Reese

Co-ordinator, Web Development - (1.0)

Raylene is responsible for the ongoing development of the corporate website with a focus on effective site structure and accuracy of content. Raylene co-ordinates the training of web content coordinators and publishers and is also responsible for developing training materials and resources to support this large network.

Aaron Maskell

Systems Analyst Programmer - (0.8)

Aaron contributes to the planning, development and technical enhancement of our website and applications. Aaron completed a Bachelor of Information Technology at the University of Ballarat in 2008.

Joey Hutchinson

Co-ordinator, Web Development - (1.0)

Joey is responsible for the ongoing development of the University's corporate website, with particular focus on information architecture, content accuracy and user accessibility. Joey is also responsible for the delivery of web development training to web content coordinators and publishers, and coordinates the many operational groups which oversee the development of specific areas of the corporate website.