Timetables and room bookings

Timetabling is responsible for allocating available resources for classes and casual bookings at the Federation University campuses.

The HE Semester 1, 2023 FINAL Timetable is now available by visiting 2023 Web timetable

Refer to the Timetable Timeline for key milestone dates.

Link to 2023 Web timetable
Link to 2022 Web timetable
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Link to 2022 Allocate+
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Room bookings

Internal bookings

2023 Room bookings

Web room bookings for 2023 will be open after the Final Timetables for HE (Semester 1) & TAFE 2023, have been released by December 12, 2022. If you need to make early bookings, please contact timetabler@federation.edu.au

2022 Room bookings

Web room bookings are now available for 2022. Timetabling will contact you if there is a query regarding your booking.

Web Room Booking Instructions (pdf.287kb)

Connected Classrooms

Casual booking for connected classrooms is currently facilitated by direct request to timetabler@federation.edu.au. Timetabling will consult with Fed’s Centre for Academic Development (CAD) & Information Technology Services (ITS) to determine appropriate support:

The following spaces are now fully operational with Connected Classroom Technology:

* Churchill - 1E214 & 1S210

* Berwick – 902-159 & 902-161

* Mt Helen - T125, T127, & H127

* SMB – A102, A101, A105, A211, A214, A217

These new rooms are rich with technology that enables students to participate in classes both in person and remotely from other locations by using in room technology or personal devices. Connected Classrooms can be utilised from an individual campus with remote participants or connected to multiple campuses whilst also encompassing remote participants.

External bookings

For all external user bookings please contact Hospitality and conferencing services

Room resources

Select a link below to view room resources, our campuses or Melbourne venue information.

Higher education timetable resources

2023 timetables

The HE Semester 1, 2023 DRAFT Timetable phase has now ended.

Scope: Late Summer (2302), Semester 1 (2305), Winter (2315).

Purpose: Minor to moderate critical change.

Focus: Delivery type, duration, location, day, and time.

The HE Semester 1, 2023 PROVISIONAL Timetable was released 14 Nov. 2022, and is available for consultation via: 2023 Web timetable

Scope: Late Summer (2302), Semester 1 (2305), Winter (2315).

Purpose: Minor critical change.

Focus: Complete staff allocations of outstanding unstaffed activities.

Deadline: All change requests need to be submitted by COB, Friday 02 December please.

The HE Semester 1, 2023 FINAL Timetable will be released 12 Dec. 2022.  

Scope: Late Summer (2302), Semester 1 (2305), Winter (2315).

Purpose: Student Preference Entry Opens 12/12/2022.

Focus: Uphold high integrity Timetable for optimum student experience. Critical change now requires approval via Post Publication Change Request Process.


2023 Timetable Data Collector - staff unavailability

Timetable Data Collector is closed for higher education teaching staff to enter their unavailability for 2023 (all year).

Where no submission was lodged between July 25 – August 12, 2022, full teaching availability has been assumed when scheduling classes for 2023.

If you need to change your submitted 2023 unavailability, please complete a Staff availability form (doc,72kb) and forward to the Timetabling team.

2022 timetables

2022 Second Cycle Timeline (July-Dec): Semester 2

Final Summer, 2022 was released on Monday 17 October.

2022 timetable post publication

Alterations to all 2022 Academic Term course offerings need to be requested via a Timetable post publication form (pdf, 4mb).

Summer Term course offering, and delivery change requests, will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances and must be submitted via a Timetable post publication form (pdf, 4mb) by your Program Support Team.


Refer to the Timetable Timeline for key milestone dates.

For assistance with generating timetables via Allocate+ please review these ITS Guides.

For assistance with generating timetables via Web Timetable please view our web timetable instructions (pdf, 378kb)

Link to 2023 Web timetable
Link to 2022 Allocate+
Link to 2022 Web timetable
Link to Timetable Timeline

TAFE timetable resources

2023 Timetable

Data Exchange with Timetabling for 2023 will occur throughout September to November 2022.

All timetabling requirement templates are to be submitted by COB, 30 November 2022.

TAFE 2023 Final Timetable will be released in early December 2022.

2023 templates for TAFE Timetable planning:

TAFE timetable template form A - full version (xlxs, 950kb)

TAFE timetable template form B - block version (xlxs, 1194kb)

TAFE timetable template form C - term dates (xlxs, 856kb)

2022 Timetable

Whole year 2022 TAFE timetables are now final and can be viewed via Web Timetable.


Refer to the Timetable Timeline for milestone dates.

Link to Timetable Timeline

Contact us

Staff queries regarding general timetabling, casual room bookings, guidelines/procedures, publication dates and deadlines should be directed to timetabling staff via email timetabler@federation.edu.au or call 03 5327 8084.

For all student queries including timetables call 1800 333 864.