Frequently asked questions

Can I submit my application by post instead of online?
Online applications are preferred and allow for quicker processing of your request. However, written applications will be accepted but must be sent to

If my sponsorship request was successful last year, will I automatically be successful this year?
Not necessarily. While an activity or event may be seen as extremely worthwhile, each year we like to give new applicants an opportunity for sponsorship.

How long should I wait to hear about my application?
Please wait 30 days for a response. Should you be keen to find out the progress of your application you can email

What happens if I don't get my application to FedUni with six weeks notice?
Your application will be considered but no guarantee given that we will be able to complete the process in time.

Will I receive the money up front if FedUni approves the sponsorship request?
Generally payments are made on completion of the sponsorship event or activity. We wait to ensure that sponsorship expectations have been met.

As part of a sponsorship, if I want someone from FedUni to speak at our event or present an award what do I do?
Please indicate this in your application and provide as much information as possible so that we can endeavour to meet your request.