Sponsorships are used to maintain and enhance Federation University Australia's corporate image and identify its role as a good corporate citizen. Limited funds are made available annually for this purpose.

The University receives many requests for sponsorship, support, prizes and assistance from a wide variety of organisations, schools, community groups and individuals. While we would like to help everybody, we are unable to proceed with requests that do not fit within our sponsorship objectives. In addition, budgetary constraints can limit our involvement with sponsorships.

Please note: Sponsorship applications for the remainder of 2018 have now closed. Applications for 2019 can still be submitted via the online application form.

Application process

  1. Complete the online sponsorship application form
  2. You will be notified automatically that your application has been submitted successfully if you applied via our on-line application system.
  3. Expect to hear from us with an outcome within 30 days of first receiving your application.
  4. Sometimes we request the signing of a formal contract where the sponsorship is for $3000 or more.

To guarantee our consideration of your proposal in time for your activity/event, our minimum notification requirement is six weeks.

Evaluation of your application

The University will evaluate all sponsorship proposals on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the University's values, community focus and Strategic Plan 2018 - 2022
  • Achieving balance and variety with the types of applications we support
  • Demonstrated tangible benefits to the University and the community
  • The University's existing sponsorship commitments
  • Available budget and financial allocation

Guidelines to take into consideration

  • While we are always open to all types sponsorship requests, applications that reflect the core activities and purpose of the University i.e. education, research and community engagement may be given higher priority
  • Requests for sponsorship must be of mutual benefit. There must be clear benefits both for the University as the sponsor and to the sponsorship seeker
  • Servicing of a sponsorship should not require the significant use of staff time and University resources
  • Requests for renewal cannot be guaranteed and require the applicant to re-submit an application

Applications that will not be sponsored

  • Repeat requests for sponsorship (for example an annual event). The University endeavours to support new ventures and community events
  • Sponsorship that conflicts with, or are too similar to an existing University sponsorship
  • Retrospective sponsorship of any project, event or organisation
  • Specific activities or events run by Faculties, Schools and Sections within the University - these should be the subject of funding proposals as part of the University's own internal budgetary process
  • From organisations having no direct association with Ballarat, Berwick, Gippsland or the Wimmera, because they would not generally meet the mutual benefit principle
  • Requests for sponsorship by individuals participating in a group activity, on the grounds that this may discriminate against others within the group
  • Requests not aligned with core educational values and functions of the University
  • Individuals seeking support or raising money
  • Fundraising organisations or aid appeals
  • Sponsorship arrangements with the University that require product endorsements
  • Sponsorship and/or signage that in any way conflicts with the images, reputation or the good name of the University
  • Sponsorship that conflicts with the University policies or principles or with existing sponsorship arrangements
  • Proposals linked to tobacco, alcohol or other products which could prove controversial or divisive

Frequently asked questions

Can I submit my application by post instead of online?
Online applications are preferred and allow for quicker processing of your request. However, written applications will be accepted but must be sent to publicrelations@federation.edu.au

If my sponsorship request was successful last year, will I automatically be successful this year?
Not necessarily. While an activity or event may be seen as extremely worthwhile, each year we like to give new applicants an opportunity for sponsorship.

How long should I wait to hear about my application?
Please wait 30 days for a response. Should you be keen to find out the progress of your application you can email publicrelations@federation.edu.au

What happens if I don't get my application to FedUni with six weeks notice?
Your application will be considered but no guarantee given that we will be able to complete the process in time.

Will I receive the money up front if FedUni approves the sponsorship request?
Generally payments are made on completion of the sponsorship event or activity. We wait to ensure that sponsorship expectations have been met.

As part of a sponsorship, if I want someone from FedUni to speak at our event or present an award what do I do?
Please indicate this in your application and provide as much information as possible so that we can endeavour to meet your request.

Further information

Please refer to the University sponsorship policy for full details.

For further information please contact publicrelations@federation.edu.au