Run Course Finder export

Refer to the below procedure to generate reports from Course Finder for publication and data collection purposes.

Note: Data is exported into MS Excel format, however a mail merge can be completed to convert the data into MS Word format.

Step Run Course Finder export
1 Navigate to

Course Finder export webpage

2 Use the International/Domestic toggle to select the content type for the export.
International and Domestic toggle in Course Finder
3 Select the export criteria using the drop-down lists.
Note: If you wish to export all programs, skip this step and go straight to step 4.
4 Click Export.

Agriculture export

5 Click Save.

Save button on Course Finder export

6 Click OK.

OK button on the Course Finder export

Result: The export displays in MS Excel format.

Course Finder MS Excel export

7Click Data and Sort to arrange the programs by location, study mode etc, then delete rows and columns that are not applicable to your export requirements.

Data and Sort buttons on the export in MS Excel