Add standard statement

To display standard statements across multiple programs in Course Finder, they must be added to Campus Solutions, and a job logged with the Web Team to add the statements to specific types of programs. The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) will then feed the standard statements into the Course Finder application.

Note: You do not need to log a job with the Web Team if you are editing the content of an existing statement

StepAdd new standard statement
1Login to Campus Solutions.
2Click on the Course Finder tile.

Course Finder tile in Campus Solutions
3Click on the Marketing Statements menu item.
4Click Correct History at the bottom of the page.
Correct History button
Note. Correct History enables the table to be edited. Please be aware that any changes (add, edit, delete) you make will take effect immediately upon saving to the live website.
5Click on the + button next to the Field to add a new marketing statement.

Add button for standard statements in Campus Solutions
6In the Field field, type <statement name>.

Field field on the Marketing Statements page in Campus Solutions

In the content area, type <standard statement>.


If you are cutting and pasting text from another document in to any of the Marketing Attribute fields you will have to first cut and paste the text in to Notepad. You will still have to edit the text after pasting from Notepad eg. Bolding, headings, dot points.

Edit Options

Standard statement content field on the Marketing Statements page in Campus Solutions

Note: You can click on the + button to add further standard statements, or click on the - button to delete standard statements.

Add or delete statements on the Marketing Statements page in Campus Solutions

8Click Save.
9.Log a job with the Web Team asking for the new statement to be added to Course Finder.
Note: You will need to provide the Web Team with the logic for where the standard statement should display.
Example: Please display the 'TAFE fees' standard statement for all TAFE programs, in the 'Fees' accordion.

View the ESB rules for standard statements in Course Finder.