Course Finder updates

All changes to program information on FedUni's online Course Finder ( must be submitted via Course Finder request forms.

This page contains request forms, policies and guidelines, and general information which will assist in selecting the correct form to complete, including:

  • Course Finder request forms
  • General information
  • Course Finder project background
  • Procedures (Database administrators only)

Course Finder request forms

These forms must be completed by an authorised person - ie Education Manager or Discipline Coordinator.

Add a new program

- All Higher ed programs (excluding short courses - please refer to faculty short courses below)
- All TAFE programs (excluding short courses - please refer to VET short courses below)

All new programs will need to be approved by Curriculum Committee and Academic Board before being added to Course Finder. After a program has been approved, please submit the Add a new course request form (staff access only). Marketing, Admissions and International (if applicable) will then add the marketing content and display the program on Course Finder after Program Management and Compliance have notified each of these departments that the program has been added to Campus Solutions.

Faculty short courses

Higher Ed faculty short courses that are not a unit of a Higher Education program or that do not have a National Course Code, must be added to the CRM and/or your Faculty webpage until a suitable process can be implemented from a compliance perspective. Please contact if you have any queries regarding the Faculty short course process.

Please contact if you require assistance with marketing your short course in the CRM.

VET short courses

VET short courses which have a national course code will be managed by Program Management and Compliance in Campus Solutions. These courses will have been approved by Curriculum Committee, the DVC, Quality and Academic Board.

To submit content for a new VET short course, or to update an existing short course, please complete the 'Add or update short course content form'. Marketing will review/adjust the content, then forward onto Program Management and Compliance to add content into Campus Solutions.

Updating an existing program

- All HE and TAFE programs (excluding short courses)

For any updates to existing programs, please submit the 'Add or update course content form'. Marketing, Admissions and International (if applicable) will then add the marketing content to display on Course Finder.

Deleting an old program

Programs that are no longer on offer must go through the correct channels (Curriculum Committee/Academic Board) before a Last Admit Term is added to Campus Solutions by Program Management and Compliance. After the data has been updated, the program will be removed from Course Finder.

General information

Advertising existing programs for the following year

Existing programs marketed for next year will not be able to be advertised as a separate entry to the current program (i.e. Bachelor of Business being advertised with a separate entry for Bachelor of Business - 2017 entry), unless the program is registered as a new program with a different FedUni code.

If there are changes in program content for the following year but to be advertised after a certain date, changes can be scheduled to go live in Campus Solutions on a certain date.

Roles and responsibilities

A result of moving to one data source for program information, Marketing will no longer be responsible for maintaining all fields in Course Finder. The Enterprise Services Bus (ESB) will provide Course Finder with existing data that lives in Campus Solutions, and the marketing data that has been added by Marketing.

Read more about the roles and responsibilities for maintaining information in Course Finder.

ESB rules for standard statements

There are many standard statements in Course Finder that display across multiple program pages. Rather than adding these statements to every entry in Campus Solutions, standard statements have been stored on the 'Marketing Statements' page, and rules have been written for the ESB so that it knows which program pages require the statements and where on the page the statements should display.

Read more about the ESB rules for standard statements in Course Finder.

Project background

Online Course Guide was a 12 month project that enabled a complete transformation of the program finder system to a market leading online course guide that offers a truly engaging experience for prospective and current students. The new system has a re-designed front end, browsing capabilities, improved functionality and a single master source of program information. As a result of the change in data source, the processes and roles for maintaining program data have changed.

Procedures for Course Finder administrators

Note - The following information is for Marketing, International & PMC database administrating staff and relates to database management.