eduroam (wireless access)

What is it?

FedUni's wireless network is called eduroam. It is a secure world wide wireless network which allows users to access the internet at participating institutions.

FedUni is one of over 20 Australian universities that currently provide this service on campus.

*Please note, the University does not provide free public Wi-Fi access. You must be a current staff member or student of FedUni or other eduroam-federated educational institutions.

Where is eduroam available?

Eduroam is presently available indoors in all student and public areas such as lecture theatres, classrooms, tutorial rooms and cafes.. For details around the availability of Eduroam please contact the Service Desk on 5327 9999.

eduroam for FedUni visitors

FedUni supports PEAP/MSChapv2 and TTLS/PAP for eduroam access at FedUni. However at FedUni we prefer:

  • PEAP(Protected EAP) with MSChapv2
  • with WPA2 (Enterprise) & AES wireless settings
  • Username: username@institution - i.e.
  • Note that the username is _not_ your email address

If you have difficulty, the below certificates may need to be installed;

Using eduroam at non-FedUni campuses and institutions

Our staff and students can use eduroam wireless at other participating institutions, however staff & students should be aware that different participating institutions provide different levels of internet access..

In order to use eduroam wireless at other institutions, staff and students need to;

  • Check that the institution to be visited supports eduroam, by;
    • checking for an eduroam web page on the institution's website, OR
    • checking the eduroam website to see if the institution supports eduroam.
  • Consult the 'to be visited' institution's eduroam web page to check if there are specific eduroam configurations to be used.
  • Consult the 'to be visited' institution's eduroam web page to determine if they allow internet access - some don't.
  • Install the VPN from the FedUni website if the 'to be visited' institution doesn't allow internet access - this will provide access to FedUni resources only.

If the 'to be visited' institution does not require a specific eduroam configuration, then configure your device according to the "eduroam for visitors" section above.

University staff and students can ask the 'to be visited' institution's service desk for basic assistance with eduroam wireless, but for detailed assistance you must call the Service Desk on (03) 5327 9999.

Setting up eduroam

View the appropriate user guide below for detailed instructions on how to configure eduroam for your particular operating system:

Troubleshooting and help

We provide limited support for personally owned devices and most operating systems. If you have any problems connecting to eduroam after following the instructions above, please contact the Service Desk and we will attempt to assist you further.

*Please note we cannot assist with application and configuration support for any other issues not relating to eduroam.

**For eduroam visitors, contact your home institution's service desk for detailed support.

Hints and tips

  • Make sure your password is correct and current; temporary passwords will not be accepted.
  • Make sure your OS is patched to the latest level - check the optional patches as well since these sometimes include root certificate updates, which are important when using wireless
  • If you are receiving certificate errors or your device is not connecting, Install the two certificates listed in the 'eduroam for FedUni visitors' section.
    iPhone/iPad users please note that these are in the iPhone/iPad profile available in the 'setting up eduroam' section
  • If your device is not connecting, check whether your wireless connection is set to WPA or WPA2 - At FedUni it must be WPA2

For eduroam visitor

  • Consult the eduroam web pages at your home institution for any specific eduroam requirements for their staff/students
  • Contact your institution's service desk to ensure that your user account and password is not locked/disabled, and for detailed assistance with eduroam configuration requirements
  • Ensure you username is in the form username@institutiondomain; where username is your home institution username, and the institutiondomain is your institution's domain name - ie a FedUni student is : make sure this is not your email address

For FedUni student

  • If you have been a student at the University previously you may have an old student ID number (7 digit starting with the number 2). Try entering this number.
  • You may not be able to access eduroam if you are not fully enrolled.