School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Program information

Program structures

If your program is not listed below, please contact the Student Administration on 1800 FED UNI (1800 333 864) or visit the Ask FedUni Portal for the appropriate enrolment information.

Undergraduate degrees

Sport / Health Sciences

CodeProgramBerwickGippsland Mt HelenOnline
PX5 Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science XStructure (Flexible)StructureX
SH5.HPRBachelor of Health Sciences (Health Promotions)XStructureStructureX


CodeProgramBerwickGippsland Mt HelenOnline
HY5 Bachelor of Psychological Science StructureStructureStructureX

Life sciences

CodeProgramBerwickGippsland Mt HelenOnline
ST5 Bachelor of Biotechnology XXStructureStructure
SB5 Bachelor of Biomedical Science StructureStructureStructureStructure
SE5 Bachelor of Environmental and Conservation Science StructureStructureStructureStructure
SC5 Bachelor of Science StructureStructureStructureStructure
SV5 Bachelor of Veterinary and Wildlife Science StructureStructureStructureStructure