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Are you interested in having a student help out your sporting organisation, facility or club. Then our Professional Practice Program might help you and our students. This is an opportunity to offer our students and your organisation a unique sports experience in a practical setting.

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Professional practice provides students within exercise and sport science and sport management the opportunity to engage with the sport industry by completing practical work placements. It is a requirement that our students complete practical work placements and that can take place in settings such as sporting clubs and organisations, recreational facilities, local and state government and in research. Placements can be undertaken on an ongoing part-time basis or as a block mode for several weeks, such as a 2-4 week period. The following is an outline of the focus of our professional practice program:

1. Students are provided an opportunity to apply the theory they have learnt from their studies within a practical workplace experience.

2. Students learn about the scope of the sport industry and the many opportunities that exist to them.

3. Students learn the practical application of skills, knowledge, values and attributes that are required to work in the sport industry.

4. Students have the opportunity to network and be mentored and learn from our valued representatives working within the sport industry.

Sport industry organisations are a vital component of professional practice and we welcome new agencies to be part of our program.

For further information please contact Professional Practice Office via email or phone (03) 5327 9936.

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