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School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Honours courses and assessment

What is involved?

There are five courses that make up the honours program. All course work for SCHON4001 and SCHON4002 is completed in Semester 1 – the required contact time for both courses is combined into fortnightly 2-hour tutorials that run in semester 1.

A brief summary of each of the courses and the assessment tasks associated with each one is given below. The majority of your time will be devoted to your individual research project which is assessed in the form of the honours thesis submitted at the end of the second semester.

SCHON4001 Honours Research Methods

This course is designed to develop essential research skills including critical analysis of literature, research design, written and verbal communication and most importantly to provide constructive feedback that will help you to produce a high quality thesis and final seminar.

SCHON4002 Honours literature Review

This course provides you with skills in researching your topic, critically evaluating relevant literature and developing a well structured review that will form the basis of the introduction to your honours thesis. The literature review is submitted at the end of semester 1 and the feedback provided will assist you in developing the literature review into a strong thesis introduction.

SCHON4003 and SCHON4004 Honours Research project 1 and 2

The research project will be undertaken over the course of two semesters and will represent a significant amount of work – this will include developing your research plan, optimising suitable approaches/methods, collecting and analysing your data and writing up your final thesis. The assessment for these two courses is based on the final grade awarded for your thesis

SCHON4005 Honours communication and application

The assessment for this course is based on a final seminar given after thesis submission – a presentation and discussion of your research results, and a mark awarded by your Honours supervisor(s), evaluating your engagement and involvement in all aspects of your project.

Honours assessment task summary

Assessment taskAssociated courseDue
Critical analysis essay SCHON4001 Week 4
Oral presentation of research proposal SCHON4001 Week 8
Research proposal (written) SCHON4001 Week 10
Literature review SCHON4002 Week 13
Thesis SCHON40034


End October S1

Early June S2

Honours final seminar SCHON4005 ~2 weeks after thesis submission

Honours program structure

The honours program can be completed full-time over two semesters, or part-time over three semesters. The courses taken in each semester are outlined below.

Full-time enrolment

Course codeCourse nameCredit points
Semester 1
SCHON4001 Honours research methods 15
  Honours literature review 15
SCHON4003 Honours research project 1 30
Semester 2
SCHON4005 Honours communication and application 15
SCHON4004 Honours research project 2 45
Total: 120

Part- time enrolment

Course codeCourse nameCredit points
Semester 1
SCHON4001 Honours research methods 15
SCHON4002 Honours literature review 15
Semester 2
SCHON4003 Honours research project 1 30
SCHON4005 Honours communication and application 15
Semester 3
SCHON4004 Honours research project 2 45
  Total: 120

For more course information, please visit the Course Finder.

The overall grade for your honours program is calculated from the grades you receive for each of the five honours courses. These are weighted according to their credit point value in determining your overall program grade The honours program grades are designated as follows:

Code Grade %
H1 First-class honours 80 - 100%
H2A Upper second-class honours 70 -79%
H2B Lower second-class honours 60 - 69%
H3 Third-class honours 50 - 59%