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School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Ingredient functionality

Campus: Mt Helen

Discipline: Food and nutritional sciences

Research field: Ingredient functionality

Key words: Microstructure, viscosity, macromolecules

Supervisor(s): Dr Kamal Seyed Razavi

Contact details:


Phone: 53279684

Supervisor profile

12 years in academia

18 years in R&D in the food industry

Areas of interest in research:

Physicochemical properties: Microstructure, emulsion stability, textural/ rheological properties, thermal analysis and glass transition of materials.

Process modelling and optimisation.

Project title: Functionality of Food Macromolecules

Project description

The application of functional macromolecules and their efficiency in terms of developing body/ texture in food products are receiving more attention due to their significant impact in food quality, and the current environment of upwards trend of manufacturing costs and global competition in the food industry.

In this project, a selection of functional materials from different origins including dairy protein, vegetable protein, and plant hydrocolloids will be investigated and compared for their functionality in a model system.

The scope of the project includes:

  • Development of research protocol
  • Functionality of materials (eg, efficiency in development of texture/ viscosity).
  • Effects of processing conditions (heat and shear profiles under defined conditions).
  • Developing a predictive model for application and functional efficiency of such materials.

Techniques will include physicochemical analyses such as thermal analysis, rheological measurements, and texture analysis.

Note: Details of materials and scale of investigation will be finalised depending on the number of interests in this area of research, in conjunction with the honours program requirements.