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School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Conservation and restoration (native grasslands, invertebrates)

Campus: Mt Helen

Discipline: Environmental management

Research field: Conservation and restoration

Key words: native grasslands, invertebrates

Supervisor(s): Penelope Greenslade, and John Nestor

Contact details:


Phone: 03 5327 6205

Brief supervisor bio

My main area of study is the effect of human impacts on invertebrates, particularly soil animals and assessing the success of restoring native invertebrates to revegetated areas. Human impacts have included fire, vegetation clearing, mining, broad acre and pastoral agriculture and pollutants including pesticides. I am also a taxonomist of an abundant, widespread group of soil animals, the Springtails.

Project title: Restoration success of native grasslands

Project description

Collaborators: Aus Eco Solutions, Ballan, contact John Nestor

One of the activities of this company is to implement the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) developed for a 95 Ha Northern Grassland Reserve ̶ an offset for the Boral Cement Company. The plan is to enhance native grassland communities being used as an offset with both mosaic burns to rejuvenate the native grasslands in early and late season and by reduction of biomass through brush cutting. Some replication within this trial already exists but additional sites are available and can be accessed. A few endangered plants and reptiles are already on the site.

Field work will involve sampling at least three times during the year using a variety of methods but predominately suction sampling. Assistance with analysis will be available and Aus Eco Solutions will contribute to the field work. There may be an opportunity to attract industry funds to assist with costs.