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School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Human:parasite interactions

Campus: Gippsland

Discipline: Biomedical science

Research field: Human:Parasite interactions

Key words: Giardia, Transcriptomics, Bioinformatics

Supervisor(s): Phillip Brook-Carter


Brief supervisor bio

We have conducted research into the host:parasite interactions of Giardia and humans for several years and have published transcriptomics analysis of the host cell responses to parasitism. We continue to generate and analyse more transcriptomic data in an attempt to further the understanding of the pathology induced by the parasite.

Project title: Transcriptomics study of Host Parasite Interactions.

Project description

The projects on offer will focus on the analysis of the interactions that take place between the parasite Giardia Duodenalis and the host intestinal epithelial cells in an attempt to further the understanding of the mechanisms of parasitism that lead to giardiasis.

Projects will focus on the generation and / or analysis of transcriptomic data representing host cell responses to Giardia infection, as well as the transcriptome of the parasite itself during parasitism. We have already identified thousands of gene transcription changes in host cells during parasitism and we will explore this area more closely in individual projects.

There are up to 2 projects available (upon discussion) that would suit both molecular biologists and / or those with a desire to utilise bioinformatics on complex data sets