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School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Transitional large animal cough responses

A translational large animal model for the study of cough responses

Location: Berwick/Gippsland Campus

Project Leaders: Dr Rob Bischof, A/Prof David Piedrafita, Dr Andrew Davies (Monash University)


Phone: (03) 4313 7930

Project description: The cough reflex is not just a protective respiratory mechanism, it also (in humans) represents an
undesirable side-effect of some inhaled or aerosolised medications. Sheep have similar lung size and physiology to
that of humans and thus represent a suitable large animal preclinical model for respiratory studies. We have recently developed a sheep model for the study of cough responses.

These studies will extend our validation of this model by investigating cough responses to known respiratory medications, as well as known cough suppressive agents. These experiments will involve whole-animal physiology, immunology and microscopy techniques.

Key words: cough responses, translational model