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School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Airway macrophages

Functional and phenotypic characterisation of airway macrophages

Location: Berwick/Gippsland Campus

Project leaders: Dr Rob Bischof, A/Prof David Piedrafita


Phone: (03) 4313 7930

Project description: Airway macrophages are prominent immune cells that are known to play an important role in
healthy and diseased lungs. Macrophage M1/M2 polarisation and functional differentiation is affected by a range of stimuli,
but we know very little about the ’altered’ state of macrophages in the context of airway disease. The aim of these studies is to
examine and better understand the characteristics of airway macrophages in healthy and inflamed lung tissues. This project
will include immunohistology, microscopy and cell biology techniques.

Key words: airway macrophages, inflammation