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School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Program information

Program structures

The program structures listed below are a guide for continuing students who are studying full time to follow. If you are studying part-time or have received credit for any courses, contact the StudentHQ on 1800 333 864 for assistance with enrolment.

Undergraduate degrees

Sport / Health Sciences

CodeProgramBerwick Gippsland Mt HelenOnline
PX5 Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science XStructure (Flexible)StructureX
PM5 Bachelor of Sport Management XXStructureX
PZ5 Bachelor of Sport Management / Bachelor of Business (Marketing Major) XX2018/2019X
SH5.HPRBachelor of Health Sciences (Health Promotions) StructureStructure 
SH5Bachelor of Health SciencesXStructureStructureX


CodeProgramBerwickGippsland Mt HelenOnline
HY5 Bachelor of Psychological Science StructureStructure StructureX
HY5Bachelor of Psychological Science (Elective Options)StructureStructureStructureX

Life Sciences

CodeProgramBerwickGippsland Mt HelenOnline
SC5 Bachelor of Science StructureStructureStructureStructure
SE5 Bachelor of Environmental and Conservation Science StructureStructureStructureStructure
ST5 Bachelor of Biotechnology XStructureStructureStructure
SV5 Bachelor of Veterinary and Wildlife Science StructureStructureStructureStructure
SB5 Bachelor of Biomedical Science StructureStructureStructureStructure
SN5 Bachelor of Food and Nutritional Science XXStructureStructure

Postgraduate degrees


CodeProgramBerwickGippslandMt HelenOnline
PJ9Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology XXStructureX
PJ9Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Part Time)XXStructureX
PW9Master of Strength and Conditioning XXStructureX
PW9Master of Strength and Conditioning (Part Time)XXStructureX


CodeProgramBerwickGippsland Mt HelenOnline
YD4Graduate Diploma of Psychology XStructureStructureX
YD4Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Part Time)XStructureStructure X
YM9Master of Professional Psychology XXStructureX
YL9 Master of Psychology (Clinical) XXStructureX

Life Sciences

CodeProgramBerwickGippsland Mt HelenOnline
SU4 Graduate Certificate of Brewing XXXStructure
SV4 Graduate Diploma of Brewing XXXStructure