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School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Assoc Prof Christopher Mesagno

Phone: (03) 53276136
Room: P340
Position: Associate Professor - Exercise and Sport Psychology
Discipline: Exercise and sport sciences


  • PhD (Sport and Exercise Psychology- 2006)
  • Masters of Sport and Exercise Sciences (2001)
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology- 1999)
  • Graduate Certificate of Education (Tertiary Teaching- 2017)

Teaching areas

  • Sport and exercise psychology
  • Psychosocial Aspects of Health Behaviour
  • Communication and Complex Conditions in Exercise Physiology Practice

Professional associations

  • Member, Australian Psychological Society (APS)
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Human Psychology
  • Editorial Board, Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Sport Psychology in Action
  • Editorial Board, International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Research interests

Christopher has presented numerous national and international papers focusing on stress and anxiety in sport performance and has successfully developed theory-matched interventions to improve performance for highly anxious and “choking-susceptible” athletes. He is currently conducting research to further conceptualise and expand a self-presentation model of choking under pressure. Christopher is also interested in how physical activity can play a part in stress resilience and investigates how cognitive appraisal helps improve health and well-being through better health related decision-making. With his expertise in anxiety, coping, attention, and improving concentration skills, he has worked with numerous athletes within a range of team and individual sports to enhance performance.

Publications (Last 5 years)

Book chapters

Mesagno, C. (in press). Performance under pressure in self-paced motor tasks. In G. Ziv & R. Lidor (Ed.), The Psychology of Closed Self-paced Motor Tasks. Routledge.

Mesagno, C., Ehrlenspiel, F., Wergin, V. V., & Gröpel, P. (in press). Choking under pressure: Future research for individual and team perspectives. In E. Fihlo & I. Basevitch (Ed.), The Unknown in Sport Exercise and Performance Psychology: Research Questions to Move the Field Forward. New York: Oxford University Press.

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Refereed articles

Mesagno, C., Tibbert, S. J., Buchanan, E., Harvey, J. T., & Turner, M. J. (in press). Irrational beliefs and choking under pressure: A preliminary investigation. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology.

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Grants (last 5 years)

Porter, J. E., Reimers, V., Barbagallo, M., Prokopiv, V., James, M., Dabkowski, E., Mesagno, C. (Investigator),Peck, B., Jones, J., Missen, K., Bailey, C., Snell, C., & Brito, S. (2020). The Latrobe Health Assembly Community Programs Evaluation. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) - Latrobe Health Assembly (LHA). Total funding: $143,866

Porter, J. E., Mesagno, C. (Investigator),James, M., & Prokopiv, V. (2020). South Gippsland Suicide Prevention Project. South Gippsland Shire Council. Total funding: $10,000.

Mesagno, C. (Principal Investigator: 2016-2017), Beckmann, J., & Gröpel, P.: Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme Grant. Project title: Choking under pressure: Interventions and mechanisms. Total funding: $22,800

Research higher degree completions (last 5 years)

Leanne Sommers (Principal Supervisor) PhD dissertation (2021) “Examining Factors that Influence the Relationship between Personality and Stress”

Kyle Miller (Associate Supervisor) PhD dissertation (2021) “An Examination of Physical Exercise as an Adjunct Treatment for Depressive Symptoms in Older Adults Aged 65 Years and Over”

Vanessa Wergin (Co-Supervisor - Technische Universität München, Germany) PhD dissertation (2019) “Causes of Collective Team Collapse in Competitive Team Sports”