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School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Assoc Prof Vince Verheyen

Name Assoc Prof Vince Verheyen  
Position Title Associate Professor
Room 3W215 Gippsland
Phone +613 51226451

Research interests

  • Conversion of brown coal and biomass into products
  • Carbon dioxide capture by aqueous amine systems
  • Analytical chemistry of the atmosphere, water and soil

Short biography

He started his research working on marine lipids and became interested in the analytical chemistry of more complex organic systems such as coal and its products and waste streams. He worked for ten years each in both the public service and private industry as a research chemist/ specialist consultant before returning to various university roles. His research focus is very applied in assisting local industries in improving their products and reducing their environmental impact. He specialises in the use of chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques to answer research questions that have a chemical structural component. Current projects include those in carbon capture, waste water treatment and coal drying.


  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) - University of Melbourne 1979
  • PhD University of Melbourne 1982

Teaching areas

  • Environmental chemistry
  • Minerals and energy

Extended research profile