School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Compassion music project

The City of Ballarat’s Youth Engagement, and Compassionate Ballarat have joined together to offer your students the opportunity to express in music what the motivation of compassion sounds like.

Compassionate Ballarat is part of a global movement - the Charter for Compassion - which seeks to bring more compassion and wellbeing into the world -

This demonstration project offers 12-22 year olds a chance to create contemporary and poetical sound imagery of compassion for future generations.

Participants would be fully supported in this project – they will be guided in 2x two hour workshops run by facilitators from Ballarat City Youth Engagement.

The workshops involve your students taking part in an evidence based process, developed by FedUni researchers, to identify their music topic and to create their compassionate music for uploading to a video platform. It is envisaged that the participants would have their music production completed within the 4hrs of these workshops.

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to upload their video and audio essays for promotion across Ballarat, Australia, and to the over 430 other cities across the world who are signatories to the global Charter for Compassion.

This process has already been piloted with students at the Ballarat Library, and the attached flyer provides images from that pilot and other additional information.

Any questions then please contact Lynne Reeder PhD (m) 0431 608 958