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Nanya news

Biodiversity grant

The Federal Government awarded UB a grant in 2012 to preserve the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of this historic site. Emeritus Professor Martin Westbrooke and Dr Singarayer Florentine will head the University's research.

Infrastructure launch

The University of Ballarat unveiled major refurbishments to its Nanya Station on Monday, 16 April.

"Refurbishments to the station's original buildings and the addition of an accommodation block and ablution block mean we can now accommodate more than 40 of our environmental science and arts students on the property," Professor David Battersby, Vice-Chancellor, said.

"Other improvements we have made to the property include fencing of endangered plant communities and closure of ground tanks to reduce total grazing pressure."

A major contribution to the refurbishment was a teaching and learning grant from the Federal Government.

Volunteers assist conservation and research

On a Nanya trip in June volunteers a group of enthusiastic volunteers along with Prof. Martin Westbrooke, Ass. Prof. Singarayer Florentine and Tim Simpson made a great contribution to research and conservation on Nanya.

Apart from assisting with data collection on three current research projects (Arid woodland recovery, Biodiversity impacts of ground tank closure and Dating and mapping of old-growth mallee) progress was made on fence removal, weed management, rabbit proofing rehabilitation areas and systematic Malleefowl survey.

We also hosted a group of five post-graduates from Swinburne (Astrophysics) who enjoyed a cloud free view of the Transit of Venus as well as helping our understanding.