School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology

Wildlife conservation

Campus: Gippsland

Discipline: Ecology and Conservation Science

Research field: Wildlife conservation research

Key words: biodiversity, habitat, conservation, wildlife

Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Wendy Wright

Contact details:


Phone: 51226854

Brief Supervisor Bio

Wendy’s research is focussed at the intersection between human populations, modified landscapes, wildlife and wild places; and is informing the development of evidence-based environmental management policy in Australia and internationally. She works in collaboration with various land and wildlife agencies to understand the effects of ecological disturbances (e.g. fire, harvesting, and tourism) on forests and wildlife.  Honours projects are typically based around understanding habitat requirements and the impacts of management actions.

Project title:  Please discuss your interests with Wendy

Project Description

Projects often involve collaboration with agencies such as the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and details are developed to align with DELWP goals and students’ interests.  Due to the short timeframes involved (and requirements for animal ethics approvals etc.), it is often difficult to include work which directly involves animals; and so the focus of honours projects is usually on measuring or manipulating habitat characteristics.

Previous honours projects recently supervised by Wendy have included:

  • An evaluation of a method to protect hollow bearing trees during planned (fuel reduction or biodiversity) burns.
  • Measurement of the extent of loss of coarse woody debris habitat during planned (fuel reduction or biodiversity) burns.
  • An assessment of the restoration of a warm temperate rainforest ecosystem at Mack’s Creek in Gippsland.

Please discuss your interests, and the challenges and joys of honours in ecology with Wendy!