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Bagirov, Adil (A/Prof) - Research

Current research projects/students

  • Project: Exploring and exploiting structures in non-smooth and global optimization problems, Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, DP140103213, 2014-2016
  • Students: Helena Mala-Jetmarova, Arshad Mahmood, Chaojie Li, Syed Quddus, Shams Tabrez Ahmed



  1. Adil Bagirov, Napsu Karmitsa and Marko Makela, Introduction to Non-smooth Optimization: Theory, Practice and Software, Springer, 2014.

Book chapters

  1. M. M. Makela, N. Karmitsa and A. Bagirov, Subgradient and bundle methods for non-smooth optimization, in: Numerical Methods for Differential Equations, Optimization, and Technological Problems, Special volume dedicated to P. Neittaanmaki, Springer, Netherlands, 2013, pp. 275-304.
  2. A.M. Bagirov, R. Kasimbeyli, G. Ozturk and J. Ugon, Piecewise linear classifiers based on nonsmooth optimization approaches, in: T.M. Rassias, C.A. Floudas, and S. Butenko (Eds.): Optimization in Science and Engineering, Springer, 2014, pp. 1-32.
  3. E. Mohebi and A.M. Bagirov, CR-Modified SOM to the Problem of Handwritten Digits Recognition, in: M. Bramer and M. Petridis Eds): Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XXXI, Springer, 2014, pp. 225-238.
  4. A.M. Bagirov and E. Mohebi, Non-smooth optimization based algorithms in cluster analysis, in: M.E. Celebi (ed): Partitional Clustering Algorithms, Springer, 2015, pp. 99-146.

Journal papers

  1. A.M. Bagirov, A. Al Nuaimat, N. Sultanova, Hyperbolic smoothing function method for minimax problems, Optimization, 62 (6), 2013, 759-782.
  2. A. Stranieri, A. Yatsko, I. Golden, M. Mammadov, A. Bagirov, Capped k-NN editing in definition lacking environments, Journal of Pattern Recognition Research, 1, 2013, 39-58.
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  5. A.M. Bagirov, A.F. Barton, H. Mala-Jetmarova, A. Al Nuaimat, S.T. Ahmed, N. Sultanova, J. Yearwood, An algorithm for minimization of pumping costs in water distribution systems using a novel approach to pump scheduling, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 57(3), 2013, 873-886.
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  22. H. Mala-Jetmarova, A. Barton, A. Bagirov, Sensitivity of algorithm parameters and objective function scaling in multi-objective optimisation of water distribution systems, Journal of Hydroinformatics, accepted for publication.
  23. E. Mohebi and A. Bagirov, Constrained self organizing maps for data clusters visualization, Neural Processing Letters, accepted for publication.

Refereed conference papers

  1. H. Mala-Jetmarova, A. Bagirov and A. Barton. Pumping Costs and Water Quality in the Battlefield of Optimal Operation of Water Distribution Networks. 35th IAHR World Congress (IAHR 2013), Chengdu, China, 8-13 September 2013.
  2. A.M. Bagirov and E. Mohebi, A New Modification of Kohonen Neural Network for VQ and Clustering Problems, Proceedings of the Eleventh Australasian Data Mining Conference (AusDM 2013), Canberra, 13-15 November 2013. Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology (CRPIT), Vol. 146.
  3. H. Mala-Jetmarova, A. Barton and A. Bagirov, Optimal Operation of a Multiquality Water Distribution System with Changing Turbidity and Salinity Levels in Source Reservoirs. 16th Water Distribution Systems Analysis Conference (WDSA 2014), Bari, Italy, 14-17 July 2014, Procedia Engineering, Elsevier, 89, 2014, 197-205.

Professional memberships and associations

  • Australian Mathematical Society

Research interests

  • Optimisation
  • Non-smooth analysis
  • Non-smooth optimisation
  • Global optimisation
  • Operations research
  • Data mining
  • Optimisation of water distribution systems
  • Computational intelligence

Editorial memberships

  • Journal of Global Optimization
  • Optimization
  • Pacific Journal of Optimization
  • Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization
  • International Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Optimization
  • Journal of Optimization (Hindawi)