School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology

McBain, Michael - Research


Journal Articles

1998 The history and natural history of Mount Buffalo in pictures. Victorian Naturalist 115(5): 242-244
1999 Fire in the sky. New Scientist, 14 August 1999, p. 64.

Conference Papers

2010 12th Australasian Research Management Conference, Fremantle, WA: Poster: How Do I Manage Thee: Let me count the ways. Awarded equal 2nd prize in poster competition

12th Australasian Research Management Conference, Fremantle, WA: Poster: Goals Gone Wild: Setting the wrong targets for academic performance.
2009 11th Australasian Research Management Conference, Christchurch, NZ: Poster: Universities as military organisations: research administrators as NCOs
2008 10th Australasian Research Management Conference, Hobart: Poster: There's no such thing as research management: modelling research as a quantum system.
2004 Spatial Sciences Institute of Australia Conference, Fremantle, 17-22 October 2004. Poster: Testing ecological theory with remote sensing: A case study from Australia's Alps.
1998 22nd ATEM Conference, Darwin, Australia. 1-5 September 1998. Developing and testing a measure of research participation.
1997 21st ATEM Conference, Sydney, Australia. 15-17 September 1997. Papering over the Cracks: Document Management as Change Management .
1996 National Conference: Quality in Postgraduate Supervision, Adelaide, South Australia, 18-19 April 1996. The crumbling marriage: Institutional responses to breakdowns in the supervisor-candidate relationship.
1995 19th ATEM Conference, Hobart, Australia. 3-4 September 1995. Use of technology by university administrators: opposable thumb or all thumbs?

Workshops and presentations

1998-2013 Workshop: Taming your thesis with technology: Presentation and workshop for research students at Monash, CRC for Water Quality and Treatment Postgraduate Student Conference, CSIRO Molecular Science, Monash Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Alfred Hospital, Prince Henry's Institute for Medical Research, Victorian Pharmacy College, Monash Medical Centre; School of Graduate Studies, University of Melbourne; Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Royal Children's Hospital; Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne, and Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne
Aug 2, 2011 Seminar: Research Management: Transforming process or bureaucratic necessity? Master of Tertiary Education Management program, Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne
Apr 12-23 2010 Seminar: Managing the improvement of research and developing strong research teams-Teaching and Research Innovation Grant Study Tour, April 12 - 23, 2010. Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne

Participants were drawn from approximately 19 Vietnamese universities, all of which have been recipients of World Bank Teaching and Research Innovation Grants (TRIG).
July 22 2010 Seminar: King Saud University Academic Leadership Program--19-24 July 2010-the Centre for the Study of Higher Education and the LH Martin Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Management

Participants in the program were at Head of Department level in various disciplines at the King Saud University. This seminar was on Developing and Implementing a Research Strategy.
Nov 17 2010 Seminar: A National Research Strategy for Vietnamese Universities, L.H. Martin Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Management, University of Melbourne

Participants were 20 Vietnamese higher education policy-makers, funded through a World Bank project to develop a higher education master plan for Vietnam.

Working parties and reviews

University of Melbourne, August 2010 Review of Research Ethics Administration, University of Melbourne. Chair: Professor Daine Alcorn, DVC(Research), RMIT

Member of six-member panel reviewing all aspects of animal and human ethics administration, animal welfare and biotechnology at the University of Melbourne.
University of Melbourne, November 2010 Review of Research Grants and Contracts. , University of Melbourne. Chair: Professor Daine Alcorn, DVC(Research), RMIT

Member of ten-member panel reviewing the University of Melbourne's research contracts administration, the financial basis of research activity, the organisation of the university around research and its interaction with external stakeholders.