School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology

Information technology

Name Title and Section/AreaEmailLocationPhone
Academic staff    
Achterbosch, Leigh (Dr) Lecturer, IT T (Mt Helen) 53276312
Balasubramanian, Venki (Dr) Lecturer, Projects and Software Engineering T (Mt Helen) 53276407
Bertoli, Marcello Lecturer, IT T (Mt Helen) 53276407
Chadhar, Mehmood (Dr) Lecturer, Enterprise Computing and Projects T (Mt Helen) 53276767
Chetty, Madhu (Assoc Prof) Associate Professor, IT 4N (Gippsland) 51227148
Firmin, Sally Lecturer, IT T (Mt Helen) 53279739
Foale, Cameron (Dr) Lecturer, IT T (Mt Helen) 53279442
Hajilarov, Eldar (Dr) Lecturer, IT T (Mt Helen) 53279085
Ivkovic, Sasha (Dr) Lecturer, T (Mt Helen) 53279390
Shatte, Adrian (Dr)Lecturer,
Jolfaei, Alireza (Dr)Lecturer, Networking and (Mt Helen)53278693
Kamruzzaman, Joarder (Prof) Professor, IT 4N (Gippsland) 51226665
Karmakar, Gour (Dr) Senior Lecturer, IT 4N (Gippsland) 51226252
Keogh, Kathleen Lecturer, IT T (Mt Helen) 53279121
Lim, Suryani (Dr) Lecturer, IT Gippsland 51228295
Ma, Jiangang (Dr)Lecturer, 
Meade, Amy Scholarly Teaching Fellow T (Mt Helen) 53276626
Moore, Shane Lecturer, IT 4N (Gippsland) 51226716
Oatley, Giles (Dr)Lecturer,
Oseni, Taiwo (Dr) Lecturer, Enterprise Systems T (Mt Helen) 53279224
Shatte, Adrian (Dr)Lecturer,
Stranieri, Andrew (Assoc Prof) Associate Professor, IT T (Mt Helen) 53279283
Ting, Kai Ming (Prof) Professor, IT 4N (Gippsland) 51226241
Hay, Rosemary (Dr) Lecturer, IT T (Mt Helen) 53279280
Vamplew, Peter (Assoc Prof) Associate Professor, IT T (Mt Helen) 53279616
Zhang, Dengsheng (Dr) Senior Lecturer, IT 4N (Gippsland) 51226772
Honorary/research staff    
Gondal, Iqbal (Assoc Prof) Lecturer, IT/Research Director, ICSL Mt Helen 51226669
Murshed, Manzur (Prof) Robert HT Smith Professor and Personal Chair/Research Director, MCCAIR 4N (Gippsland) 51226467