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Kahandawa, Gayan (Dr)

Email: Kahandawa

Room: 4N 247

Phone: 5122 8612


Dr Gayan completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Southern Queensland in 2013. He obtained his BSc. Engineering degree from Department of Production Engineering, University of Peradeniya and worked as a lecturer in the same department for three year. He completed his MSc. in Industrial Automation from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 2009. He worked as a lecturer for Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka for one year before starting his PhD at University of Southern Queensland. Upon completion of his PhD, he worked as a Postdoctoral research fellow for one and half years at USQ. He joined the Federation University as a lecturer, mechatronics in year 2014.

In his PhD, he worked with The Boeing Company to develop monitoring system to detect damage in advanced composite structures using embedded fibre optic sensors. He currently holds two patents and has published more than 20 research articles as journal and conference papers. His research expertise includes mechatronics systems, structural health monitoring, fibre optic sensors and artificial intelligence.

Academic qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy – University of Southern Queensland 2013

Master of Science – University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka 2009

Bachelor of Science in Engineering - University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka 2005


Book chapters

Epaarachchi, J., Kahandawa, G.,Islam, M., (2013) Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in Engineering, Special Edition, Journal of Multifunctional Composite

Journal articles

Kahandawa, G., Epaarachchi, J., Wang, H., Canning, J., & Lau,K.T. (2013). Extraction and processing of real time strain of embedded FBG sensors using a fixed filter FBG circuit and an artificial neural network. Journal of Measurement, doi:10.1016/j.measurement.2013.07.029

Kahandawa, G., Epaarachchi, J., Canning, J., & Lau, K.T.(2013).Novel approach for Optimisation of fibre Bragg grating sensor network for efficient damage detection in composite structures. Journal of Multifunctional Composites, doi:10.1016/j.comstruct.2011.06.013

Kahandawa, G., Epaarachchi, J., Wang, H., Followell, D. & Birt,P (2012) Use of fixed wave length Fibre-Bragg Grating (FBG) filters to capture time domain data from the distorted spectrum of an embedded FBG sensor to estimate strain with an Artificial Neural Networks. Sensors and Actuators A:Physical

Kahandawa, G.C., Epaarachchi, J.A, Wang, H., & Lau, K.T.,(2012).Prediction of obsolete FBG sensor using ANN for efficient and robust operation of SHM systems. Key Engineering Materials Vol. 558 (2013)546-553.doi:10.4028/

Kahandawa, G., Epaarachchi, J., Wang, H., & Lau, K.T.(2012)Use of FBG sensors for SHM in aerospace structures. Photonic Sensors,2(3), 203-214.

Conference proceedings

Kahandawa, G. C., Epaarachchi, J. A.,Canning, J, & K.T. Lau. (2013).Distortion index for assessment of growth in composite structures using spectral distortion of embedded FBG sensors. 9th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring (IWHSM 2013), Stanford, USA.

Kahandawa, G.C., Epaarachchi, J.A., Lau,K.T., & Canning, J. (2013). Estimation of strain of distorted FBG sensor spectra using a fixed FBG filter circuit and an artificial neural network. Paper presented for the IEEE ISSNIP 2013, Melbourne, Australia.

Kahandawa, G.C., Epaarachchi, J.A., Wang, H.,Canning, J., & Lau, K.T. (2013). Damage indexing using distortion of embedded FBG sensor response spectra. SMN 2013, Gold Coast, Australia.

Kahandawa, G.C., Epaarachchi,J.A., Wang, H., Canning,J., & Lau, K.T. (2013).Use of FBG sensor network for efficient damage detection in FRP structures. SMN 2013, Gold Coast,Australia.

Kahandawa,G., Epaarachchi, J., & Wang, H. (2012).Use of FBG sensors in SHM of aerospace structures. Paper presented at the Third Asia Pacific Optical Sensors Conference (APOS 2012), Sydney, Australia.

Kahandawa,G.C., Hafizi, Z.M., Epaarachchi, J.A., & Lau, K.T. (2012) Detecting delamination in a composite structure using an Embedded FBG – AEhybrid System. Paper presented at the ACAM 7, Adelaide, Australia.

Kahandawa,G.C., Epaarachchi, J.A., Wang, H., & Lau, K.T. (2012).Use of network of FBG sensors for efficient detection of delamination in FRP structures. Paper presented at the ACCM8, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kahandawa,G. C., Epaarachchi, J. A., & Wang, H. (2011). Identification of distortions to FBG spectrum using FBG fixed filters. Paper presented at theICCM18, Jeju Island, Korea.

Kahandawa,G. C., Epaarachchi, J. A., Wang, H., & Canning, J. (2010).Effects of the self-distortions of embedded FBG sensors on spectral response due to torsional and combined loads. Paper presented at the APWSHM3, Tokyo, Japan.

Kahandawa, G. C., Epaarachchi, J.A., Wang, H., Followell, D., Birt, P., Canning, J., & Stevenson, M. (2010).An investigation of spectral response of embedded Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG)sensors in a hollow composite cylindrical beam under pure torsion and combined loading. Paper presented at the ACAM 6, Perth, Australia.

Kahandawa, G.C., Epaarachchi, J.A.,Wang, H, & Aravinthan, T (2010).The developments of structural health/integrity monitoring systems using FBG sensors at CEEFC of USQ. Paper presented at Southern Region Engineering Conference (SREC 2010), Toowoomba, Australia.

M. H. Zohari, Kahandawa,G.C., Epaarachchi, J.A.,Lau, K.T., Cook K.& Canning, J., (2013). An Application of NIR Fibre Bragg Grating as Dynamic Sensor in SHM of Thin Composite Laminates, 9th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring (IWHSM2013), Stanford, USA.

Z.M. Hafizi, Kahandawa,G.C., Epaarachchi, J.A.,Lau, K.T., Canning,J.,& Cook K. (2013).NIR Fibre Bragg Grating as Dynamic Sensor: An Application of 1D Digital Wavelet Analysis for Signal Denoising. SMN 2013, Gold Coast, Australia.

Aravinthan, T., Kahandawa, G. (2014). Investigation of Full-scale Fibre Composite Girders for Replacement of Hardwood Timber Girdersin Australia. Paper Accepted for International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering (CICE2014) Vancouver, Canada.

Hathurusingha,H.M.S.D., Kahandawa, G., Ashwath, N. (2011). Characterization and Engine Performance of Beauty Leaf Oil Methyl Ester. 2nd International Green and Sustainability Conference. Greensboro. North Carolina. USA

Hathurusinghe,S.,Kahandawa, G., & Ashwath, N. (2009). Technical complications in expelling and converting Domba oil into Bio diesel. Central Region Engineering Conference (CREC 2009) Rockhampton, Australia.


Gayan Chanaka Kahandawa Appuhamillage, Jayantha Epaarachchi, Hao Wang (2012). United States Patent No: 20130268471 with The Boeing Company. Signal monitoring system and methods of operating same

Subhash Hathurusinghe, Gayan C. Kahandawa, Nanjappa Ashwath (2011). IP Australia Patent No: 2011200655 Bio diesel from calophyllum species.