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Cox, Nicole - Research

Current research projects/students

  • Coastal monitoring of the Bellarine Bayside beach erosion.
  • Coastal surveying and geologic mapping of Timor Leste and various eastern Indonesian islands.
  • Castlemaine Goldfields: Ballarat Gold Project.
  • Research projects aimed at better constraining phases and styles of deformation within gold-bearing structures.
  • A community outreach project that uses landscape and geologic mapping of the Mt Leura area near Camperdown to create an educational walking track.

Consulting and other activities

DEPI and Parks Victoria to develop a unified procedure for coastal monitoring in areas of recent beach erosion.

In Harm's Way (non-profit organisation), and several Indonesian governmental agencies and organisations (Pramuka – Scouts). The goal is to research and communicate mitigation techniques for earthquake and tsunami hazards in the Eastern Indonesia regions.

Department of Sustainability and Environment: Office of Surveyor-General Victoria. I am listed as one of the collaborating researchers for the Victorian Seismic Zone GNSS Campaign that received AuScope funding. The campaign objective is to obtain an improved understanding of the processes that lead to the occurrence of earthquakes in South-East Australia.

Castlemaine Goldfields Limited, Ballarat Gold Project.


Journal papers

  1. Major, J., Harris, R., Chiang, H-W., Cox, N., Shen, C-C., Nelson, S.T., Prasetyadi, C., Rianto, A. (2013). Quaternary hinterland evolution of the active Banda Arc: Surface uplift and neotectonic deformation recorded by coral terraces at Kisar, Indonesia, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 73, 149-161.
  2. Cox, N.L., 2009. Variable uplift from Quaternary folding along the northern coast of East Timor, based on U-series age determinations of coral terraces, Geological Sciences. Brigham Young University, Provo.


  1. AGU Fall 2014 meeting, co-author: "400 Years of Living Dangerously: Compiling and Communicating to Those in Harm's Way the History of Major Earthquake and Tsunami Events in the Sunda-Banda Arc Transition, Eastern Indonesia Region."
  2. AGU Fall 2014 Meeting, co-author: "Progressive Emergence and Warping of Islands in the Active Banda Arc-Continent Collision As Recorded By Uplifted Coral Terraces in the Indonesian Region."
  3. Geological Society of Australia, Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural
  4. Geology: Cox, N. L., Harris, R. A., Shen, C.-C., and Merritts, D., 2012, Variable uplift from Quaternary deformation along the northern coast of East Timor, based on U-series age determinations of marine terraces: SGTSG Abstracts, n. 102, p. 24-25.
  5. International Arc-Continent Collision Conference: IGCP-524 (Jan 2008; Tainan City, Taiwan), Poster. Evidence of multiple NE-SW anticlinal forms along East Timor using N-S drainage basin asymmetry factors. No abstract volume available.

Professional memberships and associations

  • Geological Society of Australia

Research interests

  • Tectonic Geomorphology
  • Geomorphology
  • Geologic Hazards (history and processes)
  • Structural Mapping
  • Kinematic Analysis
  • Analogue Modelling
  • Engineering Geology
  • Geologic Hazard mitigation
  • Teaching methods in the earth sciences

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