School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology

Our team


NameEmailLocation Phone +61 3
Professor Thomas Baumgartl
(PhD, University of Bayreuth, Germany)
Director, GHERG
Soil Physics and Soil Mechanics 4W108 51226112
Dr Mauricio Pinheiro
(PhD, University of Calgary, Canada)
Senior Research Fellow, GHERG
Geotechnical Engineering and Geomechanics 4W103 51226020
Dr Susanga Costa
(PhD, Monash University, Australia)
Lecturer, SEIT
Geotechnical Engineering 4N270 51228342
Dr Harpreet Kandra Singh
(PhD, Monash University, Australia)
Lecturer, SEIT
Geotechnical Engineering 4N258 51228216
Mr Javad Yaghoubi
(PhD Candidate, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia)
Research Fellow, GHERG
Geotechnical Engineering 4W122 51226052

HDR students

NameEmailLocation Phone +61 3
Ashley 4W 51228915
Mohsen 4W 51226021
Mojtaba 4W 53278592
Sid Rastogi External 0427673961
Tahereh 4W 51226022

HDR students - Completed projects

Name Project titleLevel Year of completion
Chow Hirunteeyakul
Investigation of groundwater/surface water interactions PhD 2019*
Fatemeh Moein Coal consolidation behaviour PhD 2015
Jack Stipcevich
Coal ash drainage and filter layer for the rehabilitation of open cut mines MSc 2019*
Kaveh Ranjbar Pouya Lime stabilisation of an Australian silty clay and its application in construction of excavation retaining walls by cutter soil mixing PhD 2018
Luke Tatnell Advanced techniques in measuring residual shear strength parameters of cohesive soils MSc 2015
Negin Zhalehjoo Characterisation of the deformation behaviour of unbound granular materials using repeated load triaxial testing PhD 2018
Tristan Allen Susceptibility of mine rehabilitation surfaces to mass movement MSc 2019*
Zhan Tang Application of pressuremeter testing in open-pit mining PhD 2018
* expected date of submission of final thesis

Technical support

NameEmailLocation Phone +61 3
Wayne Powrie 4W112 51226594

Administrative support

NameEmailLocation Phone +61 3
Jo Hoppner 4W123 51228324