School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology

Engineering and water management


Project titles Supervisor contact
Modelling Ductile Fracture in Steel with the Scaled Boundary Finite Element MethodDr Ean Ooi  -  email:
Post-fire performance of high strength steel in composite structural components Dr Fatemeh Javidan - email:
Modelling of utility power station boilers to improve efficiency Professor Steve Wilcox - email:

Network risk monitoring through IoT-based system for improved capacity and safety in rail operation

Dr Gopi Chattopadhyay - email:
Deep Learning for Condition Monitoring of Burners Professor Steve Wilcox - email:
Acoustic Emission Characterisation of Composite Damage Professor Steve Wilcox - email:
Optimisation of robot navigation decision making using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.   Dr. Gayan Kahandawa Appuhamillage -
Optimisation of Composite Floor for Truck Trailers Dr. Gayan Kahandawa Appuhamillage -
Effect of cable bolt on the stope stability and economy of narrow vein gold mine Dr Greg You - email:
Drone photogrammetry integrated slope stability analysis for rock fall detection and warningDr Greg You - email:
Development of an advanced diagnostic and data gathering capability Professor Steve Wilcox - email:
Intelligent prediction of desiccation cracks in clay Dr Tanveer Choudhury - email:
Monitoring ground movement using fibre optic sensors Dr Gayan Kahandawa Appuhamillage - email:
A soft wearable robot for knee-rehabilitationDr Ibrahim Sultan - email:
Fracture properties of fibre reinforced soil Dr Ean Ooi - email:
Ground improvement using waste fibre Dr Sam Hashemi - email:
Study of blast induced ground vibration Dr Manoj Khandelwal - email:
Desiccation cracks in vegetated geo-infrastructuresProfessor Thomas Baumgartl - email:

Water management

Project titles Supervisor contact
Systems thinking to enhance performance of wetlands Dr Harpreet Kandra - email:
Developing artificial intelligence techniques for streamflow prediction and comparison with other predictive models
Associate Professor Andrew Barton -
Application of deep learning in streamflow prediction Dr Tanveer Choudhury - email:
Managing Bendigo’s groundwater - When contaminated mine water finds a new purposeDr Kim Dowling - email:
Application of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) in modelling water filtration technologies Dr Harpreet Kandra - email:
Development of a water resource model incorporating water quality aspectsAssoc. Prof. Andrew Barton - email

Determining the complex relationships between channel losses and channel gains for modelling open channel irrigation and water supply systems

Assoc. Prof. Andrew Barton - email
Evolving water accounting practices for complex water supply and grid systemsAssoc. Prof. Andrew Barton - email