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Bachelor of Information Technology (Professional Practice)

This program combines study with a year of work experience in a Fortune 500 company - previously these have included IBM, Westpac, CBA, ANZ and Allianz. Students will receive a scholarship of $35500 as they study and as part of the program students are provided with the opportunity of valuable work experience with an internship with IBM. This is quite literally the University's 'learn to succeed' motto at work.

"...Working at IBM will give you 3+ years of industry will gain skills and knowledge that you would struggle to find anywhere else in Australia (let alone the world).

Being able to come away from uni with a degree, 1600 hours of industry experience and approximately $35,500 worth of scholarship is an absolute privilege and something that you will get nowhere else in Australia.

When students graduate in today's age, it is very difficult to get a job as most candidates for work in IT are often required to have experience and skills that are unfairly expected of them; if you have already gained a decent amount of these skills working for IBM, you are almost certainly going to take priority over the other candidates that hold a similar degree..." Kane Charles, IBM Australia, Bachelor of IT (Professional Practice) Graduate

About the program

The Bachelor of Information Technology (Professional Practice) is an innovative program that has been developed in conjunction with industry to produce graduates who have an appreciation of the culture of work as an IT professional. From the second year of the program, you will combine university studies and practical experience with IBM and/or other industry sponsors. Units on industry awareness and industry application are delivered in association with IBM staff.

This degree has been recognised as national best practice by the Australian Computer Society and can be completed in 3 years^. Work experience begins in second year and students engage in the work internship for the remainder of their program balanced with their academic workload. This can involve working during summer or winter holiday periods.

Whether you complete the program in 3, 3.5 or 4 years, all graduates will be invited to apply for graduate employment with one of our industry partners.

Program requirements

The first year of the program consists of full-time study. From second year, your time will be divided between study and gaining industry experience. As part of the program you will receive a scholarship of up to $35500# and you will engage in 1200-1600 hours work experience.

Students who successfully complete the program will be encouraged to apply for a graduate position with IBM or another industry sponsor on completion of their studies*.

The design of this program means that you will graduate with one year's work experience, greatly enhancing your employment opportunities with any IT company anywhere in the world, including options in private businesses, industry and government organisations.

Full details on program requirements and structure can be found in our Course Finder.

Further information

If you would like us to contact you to provide further program information, or to organise a tour of the IBM and FedUni facilities, please call 1800 333 864 or visit the Ask FedUni Portal.

* Subject to meeting graduate recruitment requirements

# If students elect to engage in fewer than 1600 internship hours, the total scholarship payment may be reduced.

^Students who do not wish to study over summer semesters may extend the duration to 4 years.

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