School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions

Help-Seeking Behaviour: Asthma Project

The focus of this project is on the development of help-seeking behaviour in young people with asthma. Medical students (Monash University) and nursing students (Federation University Australia) will be trained to interview young people with asthma in order to understand their experiences and help-seeking behaviour. From these findings interactive educational materials will be developed to improve asthma management.

The program is funded by the Australian Commonwealth, Department of Workforce Development and Innovation as part of the Extending Gippsland Regional Interprofessional Partnerships in Simulation (EGRIPS) program.

The following materials have been developed as preliminary guidance for performing a research interview (using a generic qualitative approach). Step 1 introduces qualitative approaches and the key stages of an interview. Step 2 includes an example interview schedule. Step 3 is a recording of an interview with a young person with asthma – shortened for expediency. Step 4 is a summary of the material. Please follow the sequence to complete the full set of materials.

Whilst the materials have a focus on asthma management users may find the materials useful as guidance for any research interview.

For further information please contact Professor Simon Cooper.

Step 1: Planning for a research interview: an introduction (3:41 min)

Step 2: View interview schedule

Download interview schedule pdf, 92kb)

Step 3: An interview example (33:30 min)

Step 4: Final summary (54 sec)