School of Nursing and Healthcare Professions

Dr Lynne Reeder

Position: Adjunct Research Fellow
Discipline: Healthcare - new approaches to mental well-being and healthy communities with a particular focus on mindfulness, empathy and compassion in healthcare


  • PhD – Monash University
  • Masters – University of Canberra

Professional associations/affiliations

  • Board Director, Australia21
  • Founder, Mindful Futures Network
  • National Lead - Charter for Compassion Australia

Research interests

The new science of mindfulness based attention, cogitative empathy and the socio-affective skills of compassion motivation



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Randerson, Richard, Langmore, John. Hamilton, Clive. Reeder, Lynne. (1996) Redistributing Work: Solutions to the paradox of overwork and unemployment in Australia, Australia Institute, Canberra

Book chapters

Reeder, Lynne (2015) A Contribution from Neuroscience and Evolutionary Biology, in Douglas, R. Wodak J. (eds) ‘Who speaks for and protects the public interest in Australia?’Australia21, Canberra

Reeder, Lynne. (1993) Quality of Life in Australia, in Argy, Fred. A Long Term Economic Strategy for Australia Vol 3, CEDA Information Paper No36, Melbourne